If you're using Windows XP, READ THIS!

Did Windows Help and Support Center just popup?

If it did, you must download and install the Windows XP SP1 immediately.

You can’t see it, but there’s a line of code in this post that could have erased your whole Hard drive.

Normally this exploit works as a URL, where you click on it and it executes.

But, here it works in the background making it a hell lot more nasty.

If you’re using a pirate version of XP, the SP1 will cripple your system.

Instead go to C:\Windows\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\SYSTEM\DFS\ and find the file uplddrvinfo.htm. Delete or rename it.

But if you install MS patches later on, it may restore files and settings defaults, opening that hole for a train to roll thru again.

No email or web page is safe.

Patch your systems now and while at it, dump IE for having ~17 known exploits, and not a patch in sight.

Jeepers, the conspiracy theory is all too real. Your Sigue presence was no accident. Microsoft and the virus developers watched you grow up as a child, tracked your growth and, recently, programmed you through your internet experiences … feeding your computer specially tailored viruses.
Your posts here are what they wanted you to post. You see what they want you to see and you hear what they want you to hear.
Your avatar is just a minor realization in the physical world of they have worked tirelessly for. Now go, accept your fate, or get yourself set up with a Linux box and stop complaining for god’s sake.

Make a new directory in drive c: and call it testA

Put any useless files in it, and close the folder.

Then come back to this post. Close the ‘Windows Help and Support Center’ that just popped-up and then check your testA folder to see if any of the files are still there.

I’m backing up my claim, now prove me wrong.

Well I tried the testA folder bit and the file is still there, so I must have auto DL’ed SP1, and I…eh…perhaps am using a less than full price version of XP which still seems to be working, so either;
A The testA thing is bunk or
B Dodgy versions of XP can still work after DL’ing SP1

XP SP1 will not install with the XP Pro serial beginning with FCKGW supposedly…but as usual some one will get past it shortly

I stand corrected on the SP1 issue. Just checked Windoze update site and SP1 has not been DL’ed. Still don’t get the TestA files deleted however. From what I heard, DL’ing SP1 will cripple pirate copies of XP. As this installation of Windoze has been installed about 6 months ago, it’s about due a reformat and re-install, so I’ll DL SP1 first and see what happens.

So its true: People get used to everything. They might protest in the beginning, but will calm down soon. Hmm, how long will it take until they accept a monthly or even weekly re-install of their “operating” system?


:laughing: :laughing:

The exploit worked for half a dozen people. Kinda like you show people a magic trick. Oooh how you do that :laughing:


Anyway, it works if the Help Center Pops-up.

Oh, I’m making monkey boy ma bitch pretty soon.

Pirate XP pro copies can now be updated.

For step-by-step instructions check this out:


I installed W2K over two years ago on my home machine. It has never crashed, frozen or needed a re-install. Three new computers (HP and Dell - OEM (ie genuine) Win XP) at my last place of work had to be reinstalled for a variety of reasons losing two days’ work, and I now remove XP and install W2K (which is much more expensive - GBP125 for OEM cf. GBP45 for XP) as a matter of course.

Dell & HP do of course supply machines with W2K OEM, but guess what - they’re much more expensive. I have discussed this with many computer builders, and they are telling me W2K is very hard to get OEM - Microsoft just don’t want you to have it. I wonder why.

Thanks Guest, that works a treat. Hexuan, couldn’t agree more W2K has always seemed much more stable than anything else by MS, if a little workmanlike in comparison to XP.

thankx Guest, we need stuff like that :wink: