If you've to choose between a Honda Civic and Ford Focus?

I’m referring to the big Civic with cockpit dashboard and the new Ford Focus. The hatchback Civic hasn’t arrived, otherwise it’s likely to win hands down.

Is there any merit in driving a Focus ?


I would choose the K20 civic over the petrol focus.
But i would choose the diesel focus with its powershift gearbox over all the civics.

Dont bother with the 1.8 civic… its horrid.

If you have to get a FORD, your focus (pun intended) has to be a FOCUS. Its prob the best small car by Ford.

But a honda can be driven bout 500,000km. I donno bout a Ford Focus.

The Civic is easily the car of choice, but it is a shame it doesn’t come with a rear hatch. The ford is far less reliable of course, and depreciates far more quickly and is generally harder to sell, with exception to manual gearbox models, which can be highly prized, especially as there are no new ones at present.
The Civic is a great drive, although it doesn’t come with the power as some of the focus. A few diesel focus I have seen recently are already showing signs of heavy smoke at only a few tens of thousand of km. I personally don’t find advantages in diesels for most people here.

I think the Focus gets knocked a little bit more than it should. Especially when the non-North American focus is on a shared platform with the Mazda3 and Volvo S40. And I loved my Mazda3 hatch that I had back in the states. I would forgot about the NA focus and spend the extra 1-2000 USD on a Mazda3 w/o a doubt.

As far as the civic, it’s a nice car but I haven’t driven one (possibly ever) and haven’t stayed up on the recent models so I can’t comment on that.

Unless you have to get another car Honda is the car you want.
Forget about the engine because it’s not going create any trouble.

I can not think about much other cars I would want if qualety was the only requirement.

I’d go with the Honda… but I think you’re comparing apples and oranges. They’re 2 different classes of cars.

Both 2000 cc cars, how can the comparison be between apples and oranges ?


Both 2000 cc cars, how can the comparison be between apples and oranges ?[/quote]

Because Ford is not really a car?


The ninth generation civic is just around the corner, you might want wait a bit. I don’t own a Focus but have heard nothing but praise from friends and colleagues.

The trick here is to get 2nd Focus. Sure, maybe the Honda seems to be a bit more popular on this forum, it is therefore far more expensive on the used car market. As new cars, their price in Taipei might be similar, the Honda is the better deal. Get a 1 or 2 years old Focus and you pay less than half of what you would pay for that Honda.

Less, yes. But less than half ?

A two year civic will be around 600,000nt, and a focus 5 door 2.0 will be around 450,000nt. The focus will loose around 30% value year on year and the civic between 20,25% making it a better investment when new and the ford when around two to three years. If your talking cars at around six years and over however, then the civic is again the better buy as it will be less trouble to maintain, and will be worth the extra investment.