Ignore Feature

Great Idea!

Long live free speech and the corresponding right to not hear or read such speech.

Who are you ignoring?

And no wisecracks please. :wink:

I’d like to ignore forums.segue.com.tw/viewtopic.ph … highlight=

You can ignore him: Just click the ignore next to his name. This system is beautiful.
No more bannings.

I’m afraid to press the ignore button. What happens when you click it? Can you unignore someone you’ve ignored? Are there ignorance statistics so that if someone is ignored by enough people, they will be deemed undesirable and banned? What happens if you, intentionally or otherwise, ignore yourself? Do you dissolve into cyberspace, never to be heard of again? It it a kind of virtual suicide? :?: :?: :?:

I hit ignore on antonxie, so each time his post comes up, it appears as “this user is on your ignore list. Click here to view his post.” This brings his post into view. You get an ignore list that you can edit, so if you make a mistake, you can just go back and “unignore” him. Of course, maybe you’re not reading this as you’ve put me on your ignore list for deleting your naughty post in restaurants. Trust me, it was for your own good and it hurt me far more than it did you, etc.
Merry Christmas!

P.S. Try clicking ignore on your own post – that Gus, I swear, he’s a funny fellow!

I love the ignore feature from day one. I need a rest from information overflow and most of all from Chairman Mao and his compatriots.


Hehehe…That means you can’t read this, so I guess I can start making disparaging remarks about your relations… :wink:

[color=orange]antonxie’s mother dresses him every morning!

antonxie wets the bed![/color]

Just kidding… :wink:

Don’t be so sure. Successfully ignored others, but when I tried it with Maoman it didn’t work?