IKEA coming to Xindian (Xiaobitan)

Little birdie neighbor told me IKEA will set up shop in Meiheshu -yuck-. Now all we need is a cinema -used to have one- and we’re a fully rounded city.

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I heard the new mall that they’re building next to HTC will have a cinema in.

Pardon my ignorance… what’s Meiheshu?

The esteemed member means Meiheshi, beautiful river city, 美河市, a development project down on the river there. The project has been mired in scandal and black gold allegations since about 30 years ago.


ahh yes… the one near Xiaobitan MRT station, right?
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know when it will open? I don’t see any dates on any of the signs

End of April by the looks of it…

Just opened up, see pic s on FB. Must be soft opening as news says official opening date is 5/16.

They have like a mini Q Square with restaurants and coffee shops and such.



Full article of the mall they opened in Xiaobitan. Aside from IKEA, there seem to be a couple of interesting places, like the coffee shop, etc.

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You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

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Warning: they said this cafe was Instagram worthy. expect lots of picture taking, very little eating, not much seating.

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I’m also sure it’s going to cost like 5 meals in Yilan, but the fluffy chocolate-looking omelette has activated my almonds.

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Indeed, those are scrumptious and worth every penny.

Hope it lasts…Along with the new mall being built we are coming up in the world.

What food group is this supposed to be?

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I see a lot of (illegal) signage going up around the Bitan area directing people to IKEA, assume it is already in soft open mode. Anyone been?

It’s opening this Thurs I believe .

Some neighbors have told me they have seen it open but I went by and it wasn’t. There were a lot of posters though that they are hiring.

Now that would be a nice job at IKEA. Wonder how’s the work culture. And salary, of course.

They had a guerilla marketing team on the MRT today.
Definitely open this Thurs 16th May. So you know not to go there that day. Except it will be even worse this weekend !

Thing about Ikea, its always a wonderful experience, except for the other 800 million people with the same idea, and the not enough seats in the canteen.

Summer time midweek ill be looking forward to that for sure.

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