Ikea Salt Grinder

Does anyone have that Ikea salt grinder that looks like a snowman? I bought one about a bit ago and now all the salt’s run out but I can’t figure out how to get the top off so I can put new salt chunks in it. I have already thrown the instructions away.

My boiled eggs taste rubbish.

Does anyone else have this model? (Should this post be in ‘Technology’?)

Eejit. This salt “grinder” as you call it, is not in fact a grinder at all, but a salt “producer”. It is produced by the snowman himself, but only when he’s happy. You’ve obviously pissed him off. Well, either that or he’s just sad. Try talking to him, or playing music while you’re out. He’ll soon start producing again.

ewww snowman poop

take it with you during the alleycat or other happy hours someone there might be able to help you!

Good idea! Everyone will think I’m stupid though. :frowning:

Stu, I have put it in the fridge to see if that works.

Have you tried twisting his head off and stuffing salt down his neck ?

Is it really a grinder? I mean it grinds salt, or is it just a shaker?
Can you post a pic? Seriously, there’s nothing about it on the interweb.

Yes, it won’t come off. I=stupid.

its called planned adolescents or something…when it reaches puberty it stops working, i read about it in a book…its all a plan to make you go back to ickya and buy another one

moral of the story: ickya is the enemy…

I dunno how to post pics and I cant find it on thee internets. I am technologically challenged.

Send me the pics and I’ll post them, you wimp!

I try to find out how stuff work befour I buy them.

Maybe because I tend to destroy things while trying to figure out. :unamused:

Is this the one?


Twist the head in the opposite direction required for grinding, and it will come off.

If this fails, heat gently over open flame until head melts, then stuff salt down the neck.

I couldn’t figure out which way you grind it because it had no salt in it. It won’t come off either way. It must be broken. Pft.

Thanks anyway everyone. :frowning:

Turn counterclockwise, with force. Keep turning until the head comes off. If that fails, bash it against the wall.

Snowman my ARSE!!! I’ve been googling for salt mills that actually look like snowmen, not just white blobs. You flippin’ time waster.

Snowman my ARSE!!! I’ve been googling for salt mills that actually look like snowmen, not just white blobs. You flippin’ time waster.[/quote]
:smiley: :smiley:

(You are absolutely right!)

Not the black one, obviously. :unamused:

Try to soak it in warm water to dissolve the salt that stuck the cap. Leave it in the water for some time, and then try to twist the cap both ways until it loosens.

I have never tried this myself, but in theory it should work…