Has anybody an idea about Ikea prices in Taiwan compared to those in Europe?

Probably higher in Taipei than Europe… what I’ve heard from friends.

that’s what i’ve heard too, but is it really true? Anybody?

£3.90 for NAGG knives and knife block…

£75.00 for SULTAN VINTERGATAN mattress…

£6.00 for DEKAD wall clock…

I forget how much these things cost me when I bought them here, but the British pound is at about NT$55 per £1. That would make the clock NT$326, NT$4,067 for the mattress, and $212 for the knives. If you’re stopping by the IKEA, check out the prices for these items here in Taiwan and see if they are more or less expensive than they are in the UK…

Anybody here who tried buying from IKEA (Taipei area) online? And then having the item shipped to your apartment? Wondering if that’s possible and if it can be done in English.

Well well look at that. :rofl:


But at times you can get good deals, and if you have a business account and spend enough they give you discount vouchers, which can add up decent. Wellcome gives Ikea vouchers sometimes as they are owned by the same group.

Yes, and you even can have someone come over and assemble, for a fee. But you need to see what item is at what store, not every location carries all the items.

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