Il Chianti Ristorante

I have heard this restaurant serves Taipei’s finest Italian food and specializes in Tuscan cuisine.

Do they have a menu available anywhere online? (Did a Google search but did not come up with anything)

Anybody know what a typical dinner for two with a bottle of wine costs there?

Any dress code?

Any info would be much appreciated.

My favorite Italian restaurant.

Da An Rd. Sec. 1 #92
The owners are Alberto and his partner Purple.
Quite reasonable with wine maybe 1,000 to 1,500 per person. Without wine, $350 to $700 per person.

I love it. Just put yourself in their hands and you are bound to be happy.

Like most places, the wine ranges in price from $400 or so per bottle on up to quite pricey.

There is no dress code, but I’d go classy and comfortable. It isn’t a pizza joint.

Second Freddy’s take on the service.

The food is phenomenal. Seafood oriented, but not exclusively so. Great place for a date or a business dinner. I ate there with a genuine Italian who loved it.

Alberto is a very congenial host. If you’re lucky, he’ll there when you go. If he’s not there, his second in command(s) will take good care of you.


Alberto and Purple do it right. Don’t know if he still makes it, but Alberto’s gelato is fantastic. One of Taipei’s best kept culinary secrets. Good firends who make every customer feel welcomed. Go there if you have the chance.