I’m thinking fo going and living down in Ilan next year to getaway from the Taipei air and try some country living. Any one down there or who used to live there, I’d be really interested to here what you think it’s like living there. I went down and had a look and the Luodong - Erjie area seems pretty nice. What do you think?


Oh yeah I’m gonna be a country girl again…

Seriously, Ilan’s a nice place to live if you like quiet and laid back. I love that part of Taiwan – I get such a good feeling coming up to the crest of the Ilan highway and looking down at the paddy patchwork on the plain below.

I’ve never actually lived there, though, but my good friend worked there for about a year. He didn’t live right in the town, but about 30 mins away by train, in Dashi (the surfing place). He paid the princely sum of NT$6,000 per month for a detached 3-story house five minutes walk from the beach. He had no problems with the travel time – hell, it takes me longer than that to get from Beeetan to my office.

He eventually got a bit crazy from the isolation, though, and moved back to the big stink after about a year, the inconsiderate sod.

Fairly buggered up my weekends, I can tell you!

I say go for it.