this for real?

I don’t know where to put this, but this appears to be an English school run by, let’s say, and interesting individual. The school’s theme is that it teaches people to think. They have an online and possibly print magazine until thinking is illegal. The website is

Here’s a quote from the magazine in an article about atheism:
“this light is Jesus Christ…and his birthday is Septemer 11…and the earth is flat!”
Followed by the NASA logo. And there’s more where that came from:

Here’s something:

And there are more gems on their FB page:

So just in case this fellow is a member here, and he sounds like one or two I’ve read, I’m not going to be the first to give an opinion. They’re on Google Maps and it looks like a real school with classrooms and everything. Some things just baffle me.


Holy Lord! I had to pinch myself to check whether out not I was dreaming. Watched a few videos. Not enough to form a strong pedagogy, but enough to comment on a few points:

  1. Superb farce/comedy if not serious.
  2. Way too much effort (eg., detailed testimonials, prepared magazines with audio and visual, physical address, promotion of specific events with specific times)
  3. Too sophisticated in terms of language complexity and concepts (flat earth, illuminati, etc.) to be approachable for most EFL learners.
  4. Use of “charisma” and dogma characteristic of a cult (even from the client testimonials, assuming they are authentic)
  5. The effort and quality (arguable) of the site and materials does suggest serious levels of commitment, but to what?
  6. Potentially a very innovative teaching method (using conspiracy to engage learners and convey cultural-historical content).

Very intriguing!


Sadly it’s true. This man lives in taichung. He publishes controversial topics on flat earth, anti trans, etc. Under the guise of humor. He claims he’s just trolling people… But he puts way too much effort into this for there not to be some truth. The conspiracies usually lead back to global Jewish new world order.
The worst part is he actually uses these magazines in classes to teach high school kids
In addition, many local businesses display his magazines which I find disturbing.
Anyways, take a read…, some night find it funny. But remember, a teacher is presenting this as fact to Taiwanese teenagers


On one hand I LOVE stuff like this - batshit crazy conspiracy stuff. On the other hand it’s messed up that this person is using these materials to teach kids, and that locals in his area can’t see what’s wrong.

Why do so many lonely expats end up going down that “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” path? Why the fixation on Jews?



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Yes. Kids may not possess the ability to distinguish fact from theory.


That explains a lot. All that pollution has a nasty effect on people’s minds.


Lived there five years. Perhaps this says a lot about me. :slight_smile:

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I found the place on Google Maps. It looks like a nice shiny school.

It’s been in business here since 2011, and one video on FB says since 2009. I guess it shows literally anyone can run an English school.

Look at what’s above the door in the maps history in 2011:


That’s quite a lot of class options. Or maybe it says …ARE trash, etc… At first look I thought it was …AND trash…, like trash and the rest are subjects.
That sign lasted until at least 2016.

Are you sure they’re teaching kids? From the signs it looks like they focus adults, and it’s all adults in the FB posts. It’s listed on Google in the category of adult education school.

It’s a bit odd that their Google and FB reviews have possible references to what appears to be deleted comments criticizing something.

I’m just jealous my job isn’t whatever this is.


I was going by what someone else said above. Even if it’s only adults that’s sad enough.

Nope! According to iLearn, the Jews control that too. He’s just a poor pawn in their efforts to establish the New World Order. Forumosa is controlled by the Illuminati and are attempting to subvert him. Me included :dizzy_face:


I met a guy in Taiwan that wrote a Masters thesis on how 9/11 was an inside job. I :poop: you not. Not sure what school he graduated from…


Geez, I thought I was diving too deeply into some random conspiracy-based cram school but it sounds like you’ve done more than skim his work.
A conspiracy-based cram school, there are plenty of business English schools, but how many genres are we missing out on? Give me some unique ideas and I’ll head down to the local synagogue and try to get funding.
I don’t like even joking about that, I really don’t think the Jews have ever been up to anything nefarious but they get blamed for absolutely everything. If they were in control they would have turned the focus on to the Mandaeans or Zoroastrians or something.

As if! :flying_saucer:

ancient aliens meme

The illuminati …How to get elected to the board?

So many dudes with weird degrees from schools no one’s ever heard of. Have this one coworker with a degree in Conflict Management from some Christian university. Naturally we feel obliged to start conflicts in his presence.


Fun Fact: There are Chinese Jews. There are even Taiwanese Jews. Almost all of the Taiwanese Jews live in Taipei, there are about 1000 of them, and most of them are served by the same rabbi.


I wonder if he can be liable for spreading false information about the virus. I saw a few things on his page claiming the virus is a hoax. Didn’t Taiwan pass a new law about this?


Yes. It says all those tests listed are garbage. IELTS, etc.

Yes. He does teach high school level students

I’ve been to Kaifeng. There are still a few buildings in the old style. All that was left of the old synagogue was a well cover. I think most of the Jews in Taiwan are expats, though I did meet one who was half-Taiwanese and followed his mother’s faith.

Was there anything specific about a hoax? I saw that the government isn’t helping the problem and that washing hands was only helpful against bacteria. If he claimed it was a hoax, forward it to whoever deals with that. We don’t need an outbreak in Taichung.