I have a Canadian tire story… no not Canadian Tire the store. I was passing through the Lake Cowichan area (Vancouver Is.) on my VStrom via the dirt road from Port Renfrew and had taken 10 psi out of the tires to made the tall Strom more like a GS (that’s for Capt. Stag and 'tron) during the 40 miles of dirt. Got up the next a.m., and drove to a local tire store next door to my motel. The tire store obviously had mostly a logging truck business. I want to get bring the Strom’s tires back up to spec. The tire store proprietor initially refused to put air in my tires, since (he asserted) they were “hot”. After more talk story time, detailing my path of ~50 meters from the motel next door to his tire shop, he relented, and handed me the hose, convinced that my tires were cold enough for proper reinflation. I admired the tire savviness of the guy.

[quote=“old canuck”]Having fun with the Venox - my sunny day bike.
Still use the Dragfire on rainy days, my second job is 10k away!

  • Joesax, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal, ol’ friend of mine, I have a fundamental
    understanding of carburetors (I wouldn’t dismantle one), but I do
    recognize when they’re not quite right. I’ve had a local lad try his hand
    at making them sing in harmony to no avail.
  • To someone who lives in Taichung your directions make work well,
    but to a small town boy out in the country they’re too vague.
  • I would have just PM’ed you for the guy’s phone number, which is
    what I’m asking for, but I’m hoping to elicit carb tune stories![/quote]I don’t have any carb tune stories but I’ve sent you a PM with Eric’s number. Not sure if his directions will be any clearer though. It will help if you can speak Chinese. His English is OK for talking about repairs, in person, but I’m not sure how good it would be for giving directions over the phone.