Illusion...what do you see?

What do you see ?

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You should edit the title and body to say just what do you see? and give the two suggestions afterwards. :2cents:

A Beach ? A Car Door?

Is that better ?

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Hehe …I know la :smile: I am learning from @discobot how to manipulate the web mwuuaahhh

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Discolord has spoken. :slight_smile:

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You didn’t answer which you saw first ? Beach or car door ? I must know :blush:

Beach of course, because you had it in the title.

I think this calls for a poll:

What did you see first?

  • I saw a beach first.
  • I saw a car door first.
  • I saw something else first.
  • My vote shouldn’t count because I was improperly influenced.

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With 21st century photoshop one could only wonder what it is with imagination and intuition.

It’s just the bottom of a rusty old car door , but I guess the mind conditions itself to see the easiest perception it may identify with .

Reminds me of a Bob Ross painting of a beach. You know, where you load a scrape of titanium white on your paint knife and scratch some horizontal lines in to create the illusion of a water lines and small waves.

But can definitely see that it’s also the bottom of a rusted out car door. Kind of a cool pic imo.

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this is making me go cross-eyed


Well, easy enough … what … what? … that is … wtf??

I just hope I don’t dream about that gif later, you bastid you. :eek:




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Do I sense some speciesism?