I'm a Brit that wants to marry a Taiwanese citizen.need help

OK I am an arrogant arse - you heard it here first.

It seems we now have a problem getting a visa in HK for the Mrs. The problem is that she isn’t registered as married in Taiwan. Now apparently the fact that we had a public reception in Taiwan is sufficient to register the marriage providing I provide a certificate stating that I’m single or something. Anyway I apologise for not only trying to shortcut the process but also for telling you all to do the same.

Peace :whistle:

So i have just re-read this section because i am wanting to marry my fiance, i head back to england next saturday, not to return to taiwan until my paperwork is in order.
So, i just need to see a local solicitor or GRO and get the paperwork to prove im single, then get it authenticated and head back to Taiwan - is that it ?
Marry my girl, get the paperwork, do the medical check, take it all to the office near taipei main station and become a legal resident and worker …

Definitely no police checks ?

unless the rules have changed you need to get a statement from the police office where you last lived stating that they have no record of you on their system. Not quite the same thing but good enough for the purposes of the people here.

That document then has to be stamped by the home office and authenticated at the Taiwan embassy. Can take about 2 weeks i think.

There is another thread about this and someone has posted on his website about the whole procedure. Just search.

Thanks yeah, i read the thread but there seems to be conflicting issues about the police background check paperwork, just wondered if anyone has the definite answer to this so i dont waste my time if not needed.

Many thanks

All i can say is that I needed one a year ago and i don’t think the rules have changed.

Don’t so much think of it as wasting your time if you don’t need one. Think of the almighty shit you’ll get in from the missus if you don’t get one and it turns out that you need it.

Good luck with sorting it all out

Haha, when your right, your right !!

Ok the quest begins today, if i endure any problems that haven’t previously been mentioned, then i will keep this thread updated.

Hi all.

Ok so im now back in UK (still waiting for my baggage) !!.
I called the General Register Office in southport today, they confused me, they say if i plan to marry someone foreign, i dont use GRO, instead i have to contact my local register office with date and venue details of the marriage ???
I have none of these planned in concrete yet ??
Otherwise they say that they can give a “no trace” letter, but this is used usually for work purposes abroad to show i have not been registered married in the UK.
Is this the letter i need ? Is it suficient ?

Can anyone shed light on this situation … time is of the essence for me …



Guys Guys,

Can anyone out there help me at all ?? I’m geting very confused by all this “single certificate” reqs …

OK, so i call GRO (as most prevoius threads prompt me to) … they insist they cant help, they only give “no trace” letters - which are more relevant to working abroad visa reqs … not actual marriage reqs …

They tell me i need to apply to my local council register office, who then require i give tem all my good lady’s details and proposed marriage details (venue date etc) i dont have any of these planned … nor have i brought home any of her details … !!
Is there some duff info being passed to me here ??

Please please someone help, im really in a hurry - any advice from anyone who has experienced the same ??
I have read all threads and it seems that nobody has touched on this problem, have the goal posts been moved recently ??

if anyone can share any knowledge, please do, theres a big bottle of pocari sweat in it for you when i get back to taiwan :stuck_out_tongue:

yes the no trace letter is sufficient just get it authenticated by the Taiwanese embassy in London.

as for the other stuff, they don’t need to know it so don’t worry.

Go to a notary public or solicitor. Ask him for a “certificate of no impediment” – its just a note on his official letterhead with his seal embossed on it. It says “I swear that I am not now nor have ever been married.” It has your full name, passport number and address in Taiwan, plus your notarized signature.
You need to get this stamped on the back by the Taiwanese office in London.
That’s it.


thanks for the info, thats great, im guessing the no trace letter will be the cheaper option rather than forkin out to a solicitor, but then i reckon the solicitor will give the qiuckest turnround.
Ok, this has lead me to another questoin. If i see the solicitor and if i need to provide my address in Taiwan, am i ok to just give my fiance’s - even though i am currently unregistered to that address ?? I have only previously ever entered taiwan on a visitor visa which is exactly what i have been.

Thanks again for the replies, progress is being made :slight_smile:

Then just use your UK address.

ok sounds good - thanks again :slight_smile:

Ok, i have just finished a phone call with GRO (no trace letter Dept) they tell me that they can only trace upto June 2007 … is this good enough ??
Or will i then have to see a solicitor for upto October 2008, in which case i would be forkin out to both and might as well just go to the solicitor.

Just for info to others, the GRO charge £3.25 for every 3 years blocks since you turned 16.
This takes 21 days, if however you need the priority service (48 hours) they charge 6x the price, and they tell me it gets quite excitable so best to place order early AM.

Somebody give me a fu**in gun !!

I have phoned round soso many solicitors in my area, they all either have no idea how to go about it, or say they cannot give me the certificate because they havent known me personally for 2 years (bearing in mind that every person on the end of the line is some young bird, who wont even put you through to the actual solicitor) … Good old english service & hospitality … its nice to be back !!

The GRO can only trace upto June 2o07, which leaves a big block … well 18 months almost unaccounted for, will this be ok ??

Its again my our of need guys, any swift advice will be as welcome as a pint of stella on match day.

Just a thought, but would presenting the authorities with my decree nisi be sufficient to prove I am single?

[quote=“popmanblue”]Ok, I have just finished a phone call with GRO (no trace letter Dept) they tell me that they can only trace upto June 2007 … is this good enough ??

Just for info to others, the GRO charge £3.25 for every 3 years blocks since you turned 16.
This takes 21 days, if however you need the priority service (48 hours) they charge 6x the price, and they tell me it gets quite excitable so best to place order early AM.[/quote]

Unless you are 17 i doubt that only going back to 2007 will be sufficient. Assuming that you still have some relative in the UK I would opt for the 21 day option and pay for those 3 year blocks and have it posted to your relatives in the UK and then have them post it over here.

Or they could probably post it directly over to an address in Taiwan.

There is what you might call a small loophole to allow British citizens an easier route to prove single status.

The requirements for a certificate of no impediment in England are completely anal for somebody like me who has not lived there for years and doesn’t have a house, family etc. in the UK any more.

Being half Scottish I thought I would check out the Scottish GRO (gro-scotland.gov.uk/) to see if things were any different. They will not issue a certificate of no impediment but I got an up-to-date no trace letter without ever having to leave Taiwan. It only covers Scotland but Taiwan doesn’t seem to care as long as it’s got lots of pretty stamps on it. Just call up GRO Scotland (+44 131 314 4411), give them your credit card info and have it sent to any old Apostille service you can find through Google (search ‘uk apostille’). Then have the Apostille service courier the document to the Taipei Representative Office in Edinburgh (NOT London) for another stamp, who will then mail the whole lot back to you. The difference with the Scottish trace is that the letter clearly states that Scotland does NOT issue certificates of no impediment and the No Trace is the best they will offer.

Unless you are really skint, don’t bother with a government Apostille because an extra 50 quid or so will get you a much faster and more helpful private service who will handle any ferrying of documents as required. I can recommend sfsgo.com (+44 24 76 631613).

I have never lived in Scotland, I don’t have anything that proves I am half Scot or otherwise but the local registry in Taiwan accepted the stamped no trace letter without a blink. Do not ask them if it’s okay because asking questions is the Route to Refusal, just dump the document under their nose and it’s all good.

Haha yes. Taiwan govt officials are all happy as long as you are SURE. IF YOU question something , then automatically it means that something is wrong and therefore its refused. Of course> makes perfect sense ya?

Mmm yes, thats interesting.

For me, i still ive in England therefore having english address and registered on the electoral role etc.
I should make it clear to everyone that the GRO for england … for some ridicolous reason, only can trace you upto june 2007, so you can only pay for the 3 year block search upto June 2007 … so its a very useless partial search, clearly not offering any service to reqs at all. Its a British thing i guess.

So, it seems that Scotland it is, im still here for 3 weeks, so i hope to be able to get it done stamped and put in my hand luggage.

Again, i will post my frustrations on here if felt neccessary as a warning to others.