I'm a young professional and met a former? "KTV 小姐"


r/China is a cesspool full of jaded and hateful people

so I supposed you also stopped using that Reddit subreddit? If you go to r/ccj2, it gets even worse based on my experiences.


Part time job for a college student. Not even worth worrying my about imho.


Most girls in the entertainment industry have complicated past. Do you see her as a part time fling or a marriage material keeper?

So you feel that most KTV girls are damaged goods.

She told me her experiences as a KTV girl. I just told her that any guy who wants a serious relationship would most likely appreciate that you would be honest in this regard. I want to give her a chance to get to know her and analyze whether or not she is a keeper. In the end, time will tell.


Re-read my scenario. She left the KTV job even before starting her nursing studies. She’s a part timer at a cellphone store.


Have you asked her where or which KTV she worked at? Find that out, and I’ll tell you what her probable working environment was like.


OK, I will go this far. What about the ones at 林森北路? Does it still vary from place to place right? Maybe you can also give me a rundown of the KTV scene in general.


If you really care…why don’t you ask her yourself? Stop being so childish. Sounding like a bunch of middle aged wives gossiping. “I’ll go this far, she was at linshen north road” omg omg omg she’s a fucking whore I knew it!


Stop being so childish

LOL wow calm down bro!

I was just asking for other people’s opinions to see how others living in Taiwan would feel about the scenario. I already told her that she had to tell me everything upfront since she wants something serious.


omg omg omg she’s a fucking whore I knew it!



At some point you just have to accept you’ll never know for sure what you want to know - and if she’s telling the truth, she’d probably find it pretty creepy to know you’re obsessing over it. Just let it go already. If you’re being suckered, you’ll find out soon enough. But, honestly, the fact that she’s working in a cellphone store instead of blowing Japanese tourists pretty much answers your questions, surely?


So you mean just take it easy and just see what happens as time passes? I guess time will tell.


It’s true that there is a lot of prostitution on 林森北路, but again, these places don’t force their hostesses to provide more services to customers than they’re willing too. This is especially true for the prettier ones. Just having them around pouring drinks for customers and making chit-chat is good for business. I had a friend who worked as a hostess on 林森北路, and that’s all she did. She put herself though college that way and then got a good job at a tech company in Hsinchu.

The fact that the girl you’re dating had an exit strategy and is now preparing for another career is a pretty good sign that she didn’t get caught in any of the pitfalls of that lifestyle–drinking, drugs, sex for money, etc., etc.


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??? And what do they talk about?


Who cares?


They think that this scenario is a recipe for disaster…


They’re entitled to their opinions. Like “circles are for…” :whistle:


From what I have read and heard, is it right to say that KTV hostesses are heavily stigmatized because they’re often seen by the public as prostitutes?


for a start, stop worrying about her being out for your dosh.

every girl here is out for your dosh. guys are expected to pay for stuff, if you are being stingy about paying for some night market squid then you are going to run into trouble sooner or later. and i don’t mean paying for serious things like her course fees or rent or getting mugged off like that, but food? its normal.

other than that she seems to have gone way out of her way to firstly ask you out and then buying you stuff, this is not normal for girls here. especially cooking. my gf wouldn’t even think about doing that. she wouldn’t even make her own, her mum does it for her. the fact is, you are new. i would just go along with it and date her, enjoy it but be on the lookout for things possibly going tits up.

i did something similar when i first arrived. started dating with this really good looking girl who was giving me all kinds of attention. the type that was too much, and raised my alarm bells. i had a lot of fun though. she did turn out to be a bit odd after a few months so we went our separate ways