I'm a young professional and met a former? "KTV 小姐"


if you are being stingy about paying for some night market squid then you are going to run into trouble sooner or later.

Did I complain about paying for food anywhere in this thread? I just mentioned that I paid for it.


you pointed out her gifts cost more, so it seems you are keeping tabs on not spending too much money incase she is out for your money or something. thats what i got from your comment.


Well I’m sorry if I created that impression in your mind. So far everything is fine. She actually thinks that I am a very good artist and expects me to draw/paint her artwork lol…


this is not normal for girls here.

Maybe her KTV stint has changed her personality and made her more bold towards pursuing guys?


You care too much about what others think.

Yes KTV workers have some stigma attached.
But it’s not like people advertise all the crappy jobs they had in their lives is it?



I’d completely forgotten about it, but my missus did a stint as a KTV girl when she was at uni. They really do just sit there and pour drinks and sing unless they want to earn a bit on the side, and there’s no pressure to do so for the simple reason that the KTV owner gets his money’s worth without breaking the law or his/her karma.


LOL I don’t draw erotica. I keep those thoughts in my head.


LOL I don’t draw erotica. I keep those thoughts in my head.


Whatever man…


seems like, for whatever reason she wants you to be her bf and is quite serious about it. don’t expect the bian dangs and gifts after you guys are comfortable LOL.


don’t expect the bian dangs and gifts after you guys are comfortable LOL.

Ah yes, women do change, but I can also change at any time…


i wouldn’t say change… i would say shes really going out of her way to hook you in. after that’s secured you will see the real her. which i would expect to be as lazy and boring as any other taiwanese girl.

just my opinion though, dont take it too seriously :wink:


that’ why you need backup options.


break up is always an option.


Working for as a KTV hostess doesn’t automatically equate to being a loose woman that’s slept with multiple male customers. There are many that don’t do that – for some its just a job to earn money.

Maybe ask her about the things you’re nervous about? Better to communicate clearly on the subject matter.


why so drastic? a typical lazy and boring taiwanese girl isn’t good enough for you? haha


lazy for sex? HELL NO LOL


well not that. but other things such as cooking, cleaning, having a basic conversation and doing something other than staring into her phone screen 24/7.


I am sort of a noob when it comes to Taiwanese cuisine. So far she’s done a good job introducing it to me by cooking for me. Hope it continues.

She’s actually not a heavy smartphone user. She’s into her laptop more than her smartphone.


By the way, does she have any availabile ex co-workers? Short time date or long time girlfriend both ok.

And maybe I won’t even talk about her on this forum if she doesn’t want me to.