I'm a young professional and met a former? "KTV 小姐"


So it sounds like generally those who don’t strip in the KTV room probably won’t even provide any “special services” and some of those who do strip may also not take things further.


When you get a girl that tries that hard trying to make you happy, just remember,

somewhere, there’s a guy that’s totally sick of her shit.


Just waiting on the sex bro…


I know a lot of girls who are nurses want to go to the U.S. eventually.
In Taiwan nurses work very hard and long hours but get paid like 30,000-40,000 NTD
and they don’t get much respect from patients, the hospitals, or society.

They can make 5-8 times more in the US and nurses are more respected in the US.

She sounds like she may have long…long term plans with you ; )


hopefully not a green card scammer haha


Nah I doubt it too much trouble :smiley: you’d have to get married for a few yrs before she can leave. Fed Gov makes you work for the green card


True I am aiming for 4-5 years in Taiwan and then I want to move back to America. Right now, I am with a Taiwanese MNC in the tech sector.


She sounds like she may have long…long term plans with you ; )

Sounds sweet LOL
Yesterday, she started asking me about a girl at my work who was flirting with me. i told her that i don’t do xiao sans lol


Plus the nursing profession attracts a lot of genuine or soft hearted people. They certainly aren’t doing it for the high nursing salary in Taiwan.


give it time :wink:


a lot of the nurses I’ve met are those who are also more aware and more opinionated of various development issues i.e. diseases, lack of clean drinking water etc. These types not the typical basic bitch. LOL


How does she know about this?


True, they probably tend to want to improve society, since they help people all day.


As I was leaving she saw that girl flirting with me.


I had a somewhat similar experience. For me her experience working in a club did not bother me…but her lifestyle from that experience meant we were not so compatible for the long term. I was 40 and at the point that girlfriends were part of my search for a wife…not just being together for fun. Even though she was extremely “hot” and in general fun to be with…our styles were much different. She would have married me but I just could not.

Think about what you want…and ask her what she is looking for…perhaps is the same…maybe not. Saying that…at age 24 I was not sure what exact type of woman I was looking for…


Most Taiwanese girls work in KTV for easy money. Some of them work like waitress in Hooters, but in a sexier outfit. Some will go a little further…

The key is she wants to move on and forget that past life. If she’s not a material girl, then it should be OK, at least for now.

But I think you should take it slow, unless you want to get married in your late 20. And she might be “working” hard towards marriage, even she’s still young. Perhaps it’s her family, parent divorced, needs to support herself through school… That might be the main reason she worked for that KTV easy money in the first place.


but her lifestyle from that experience

The girl that I’m dating right now doesn’t have that sort of lifestyle, at least from what I can see. I mean I would just called it quits. I look for a girl with an intellectual side and a sense of humour, not a material girl, caring, affectionate, passionate etc.


Good girls don’t do that KTV party girl thing. Makes me wonder how she was raised. I’m guessing you will be over your head soon. She’s on the hunt and you are her prey. :wink:


if she’s not a material girl

so far she’s fine. She seems to realize that there is much more to life than luxury brands and glitz. I always tell everyone that I know that a person’s character and values are what truly matter, not some overpriced handbag. But obviously everyone is different, so whatever floats each one’s boat…


How was your experience with dating a KTV girl?

She’s on the hunt and you are her prey.