I'm a young professional and met a former? "KTV 小姐"


Sad and pathetic. The sex wasn’t great either.


Sex: I suppose yours wasn’t a hooker. Not saying mine was though…


I’m assuming you are used to Americans. Have you been with Taiwanese women?


Hookers are not necessarily good at sex and many are not good at all. Or so I’ve heard.


I am chinese-american. no taiwanese papers at all. new to Taiwan. I work for a Taiwanese MNC. my first Taiwanese girlfriend.


Oh well…whatever


They kiss funny.


I hear most of them are inexperienced with sex and relationships in their early 20s b/c of overstudying during their teen years. Glad I didn’t grow up in this environment.


thats what they want you to hear!!


But aren’t they…I mean compared to Americans, Canadians, Brazilians LOL?


somewhat, but they are not as innocent and inexperienced as they would lead you to believe, not a chance.


And she might be “working” hard towards marriage, even she’s still young.

Maybe that’s why she’s trying to pamper me as best as she can.

She’s 21 and in her first year of university.


That might be the main reason she worked for that KTV easy money in the first place.

Would you say that KTV girls prioritize money over values?


You are starting to come off as a jerk by now.
I’m not sure who is going to shaft whom.


There’s a whole spectrum of how far hostesses are willing to go, so I wouldn’t try to apply any hard and fast rules. Some may act nice and demure until the 帶出場, and then go for the Full Monty, and others may act like sluts and then not put out.

At a lot of places with hostesses, there’s basically no guarantee that a man will get laid when he pays the “takeout fee.” For a lot of the punters, this is part of the fun, because you get the thrill of the chase if things aren’t guaranteed.

Other guys will pay the takeout fee just for the “face” of having a pretty girl on their arm. Especially with older guys, who may not have a hard enough bat to hit a home run, this is basically the end game.

For the guys who are expecting more, after they pay the takeout fee, negotiations begin for what they want to do and what they’re willing to pay. Sex may or may not happen depending on whether the two parties can agree on a price. Some of the smarter girls can make quite good money by developing a stable of men who enjoy their company without ever actually putting out.

In any case, it sounds like your nursing student has put her KTV past completely behind her and has her act together, so there’s really no point in obsessing over what she may or may not have done (which you seem to be doing).

If I were you, I’d be more worried about whether she likes you for you, or more for what you represent–a successful young ABC in the tech sector who can provide her with a ticket to a comfortable life in the U.S. Of course, she could like you for both, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Most girls by far in the jiu dian don’t go out with the customers. That’s mostly the older professional types.
I’ve also lnown plenty of women who do the above and have probably never worked in a jiu dian.


The more I read into this thread, the more I feel that the OP is just trying to have a hump and dump with Ms.KTV.
If that’s the goal, there’re many other faster ways to get the same result.


nail and bail


Take a look at what @blujasn said:

“Nah I doubt it too much trouble :smiley: you’d have to get married for a few yrs before she can leave. Fed Gov makes you work for the green card.”

What do you think of this?


I guess I gotta get off my high horse and stop judging her.