I'm a young professional and met a former? "KTV 小姐"


Wow you got me there


Some Asians look like Latinos, and vice versa. So, basically you can’t tell unless you run a DNA test.


There are plenty of local single girls to choose from. Why risk your marriage with a girl with questionable past? Entertainment industry in Taiwan, Korea, Japan or about anywhere in the world is tainted with the image of exchange of money and sex for gigs or favors.

Hongbao is a younger ABC single man (24). Marriage shouldn’t even be on his mind at the tender age of 24. He has another 8 to 10 years to think about marriage. Taiwan is the perfect ground zero for him to indulge and explore his youth. Have fun, date as many as you can and get girls out of your system. Marriage is much more than sex appeal. Traits and qualities that make a good wife, mother, daughter in law, soul mate, bed room buddy are all important. Finding a girl with a good balance of those qualities and one who can make you smile at the end of the day would be the one to marry. Marriage is for the long term. You don’t want to have kids with a woman you do not love.

KTV girl or not. Just enjoy falling in love for now. You will know when the right girl comes along. Relationship is like a key and a lock. There is a key to every lock. You must poke around different locks. Without turning the key, one will never know which lock would be the correct fit for the key.


Is this a metaphor for penises and vaginas? Just come out and say it, man!


There’s no need to be vulgar, Doctor! If you really need extra tuition, ask Archduke Ferdinand. :slight_smile:


Anyways, isn’t it penii???


Non penii est, sed penes est, o urse lavans. :grandpa:




Sigh… Pearls before swine, Italic civilization before procyonids. :tumble:



What about the saying “God opens or closes doors for you”?
Is that also a metaphor concerning sexual organs?


Um…I don’t think God had anything to do with it. The Devil maybe…:smiling_imp:


Personally I disagree. I can’t understand po-faced religious types who get all icky about sex. If you believe in a creator God, who do you think invented the idea in the first place?


Sounds like that reddit thing the OP mentioned. :whistle:


I was just referring to God in the metaphoric sense. As an atheist, I believe sex invented itself. Kind of like the universe whacking itself off. Now there’s an image. :sunglasses:


must have big hands, eh!


Marriage = LESS sex


Not sure whose sad life you’re referring to, certainly not mine.


Bigger than Trump’s, in any case.


I feel for you, man.