I'm a young professional and met a former? "KTV 小姐"


ummmm at least bang her… if she wants to cook you shit, even better

If she starts becoming crazy and possessive (which it sounds like she will) let it continue until it outweighs the bangbang+free food

In all seriousness, she might be a decent person who did what she had to do because she had to do it and it was a means to an end. She might be the perfect girl, might be a blood sucking whore, might be a lot of things… spend time with her, don’t dwell too much on the past.

If you go out looking for the “perfect girl”, chances are that when you meet her, she will be taken… but what is more likely is that you will never find anyone because you haven’t spent enough time for them to open up. Sounds like this chick is giving it a shot at least, perhaps your constant confusion over her smokin’ hot bod and more-often-than-not erect penis is getting in the way of your brain!


reminds me of a good joke:
“Why is it when guys have sex with a lot of women, they are awesome, but when women have sex with a lot of guys, they are sluts?”

“It’s like a lock and key. A key that can open a lot of locks is a master key. A lock that can get opened by a lot of keys is just a shitty lock”


MY (married) sex life
Everything else is great


Very late to this conversation, but you’re lucky as hell to have a beautiful girl doting over you. Don’t waste your opportunity. I only wish I was in your position when I was 24. Also, at least she came clean with her past. There are women out there that hide their promiscuous past and their S.O. finds out about it and shit hits the fan http://www.city-data.com/forum/relationships/1923926-do-i-tell-him-do-i.html


dude was basically a troll right?


He must be some smooth player if he’s hooking up all of these hot women! :wink:



well she said she didn’t sleep with any customers and apparently some on this forum say that some KTV hostesses don’t provide special services.


what is it that their customers keep turning up for then?


It is quite common for Taiwanese girls to voluntarily tell their new guy their current and past love history. Taiwanese girls can go out with you on dates, but at the end of the day casually mention there’s some other guy they still have feelings for, or that their ex still called them, or that they are in fact still in a relationship and haven’t broken off with their bf, or that this so and so used to pursue her. Most Taiwanese girls do that. They like to talk about relationships.

She is just more infatuated with the idea of a loving, working relationship. But that’s is okay. She’s just got a proper job, met a nice guy while working the job (you), which is the proper way to meet a guy instead of at the nightclub, and she’s developing her education, so to things are working out for her. (I’m not saying she shouldn’t be infatuated with you.)

She didn’t have to tell you she used to work at KTV. That she told you about it is mainly due to her young age and her being confident with where she is now. And also because you are ABC and not local Taiwanese, she expected you to be more open minded. If you were just a local Taiwanese guy, she probably wouldn’t have told you about it. If she were older and had more experience in dating and life, she probably wouldn’t have told you about it.

It’s just like dating someone who used to have one night stands with strangers. Do you want to know about a person’s past, do you rather not know? Don’t ask don’t tell?