I'm all set, what next? (New school owner here)

I’m a new arrival in Taiwan, more specifically in Taipei. I’m thrilled to say, even with all this pandemic, the job market here in Taiwan seems booming, especially for ESL.

I have had read most of the threads in this forum as well as joined some FB groups, and the foreigner community in Taiwan seems to be very receptive to newcomers. I’m in the process to open 5 ESL schools across Taiwan, my main focus now is Taipei, and my target is 2 schools here.

I just wanted to start to be in touch with some fellows at Forumosa as I have heard from FB groups, here on this website is where most ESL teachers in Taiwan get together and exchange information.

You all are doing an amazing job educating the kids in this country.

If and only if everything goes as planned, I would also create a new website and forum for the finest and best English teachers in this country.

New life begins in this beautiful country.

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Welcome to Taiwan!
Have you taught ESL or opened a school before?
I was under the impression that the market was pretty tight at the moment, but it’s great to hear that there’s still optimism out there.

Hi Xela. May I ask what country are you coming from?

I’m from Greece.

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No, never taught ESL, it is not my specialization and also not my mother language! Yes, I have school before in Malaysia and Philippines.

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You can’t legally teach in Taiwan.

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I’m an investor, and I have someone else from USA with the credentials for education.


If you open your own school you can legally teach. It’s not that a non native speaker can’t teach, but work permits are not typically handed to people from non-native countries.

If you have an open work permit. You can legally teach.

All you need is the work permit.


Yes I guessed that. But your post says “new teacher here”

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That’s a weird law. If you open a school you can teach English?

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Didn’t really know what to add, “new business” seemed too generic.

Of course. It’s your company and your work permit.

You’re the owner, you can do whatever you want.

There is nothing that says non native people can’t teach.

If you have the work permit. You’re good to go.

Well, within reason. You still have to comply with MOE regulations don’t you?

Ah, I see your point. If you have the work permit already you jump the next barrier.

Thanks for your reply! My intention is not to teach, but to create the business. The company legally is all set. Now I’m searching for locations and see what is better in a long term, rent or buy.

I was just poking around Tealit just now and there are quite a few jobs posted. A lot are even offering 700+ an hour!

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Buying is going to be hard at first. Rent first. Buy later once you’re settled in.


Or never buy. In Taipei, rent can be half the cost monthly than a mortgage payment, without the 30 year commitment.


Nope not exactly, all cram school teachers need approval by the DOE.

Being an owner of the business trumps that as the work permit is granted to an owner as an owner, not a teacher.

The job title is not teacher.