I'm annoyed that my foie gras posts gets moved every time

The guy that makes the NT1500 burger didn’t end up seeing what I said, and now the Carnegies ppl won’t see my question I asked them. It is important to me because I would like to go to Carnegies again and would like to know if they will consider it. So now every time I mention it it will be moved into the Foie gras thread? How will people I’m talking to ever get to see it there? Or are you guys basically saying shuttup and go moan where nobody can see you.

I think this will be moved to Temp. Just a heads-up in case you can’t find it later. :wink: Just joking. Ms 9.

It looks like it was a mistake - there are a bunch of non-foie gras posts in there from the Carnegie’s thread. I’ll let elektronisk sort it out.

thank you

[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/carnegies-chat-thread-part-6/40590/101 post[/url] (along with most of the thread) was accidentally included when three or so posts discussing foie gras (and not whether this should be on the Carnegies menu) were split off by a mod to Food to start a general foie gras discussion. It’s an easy mistake due to the way the software is set up. Anyway, on that mod’s request, I have sent the erroneously moved items back to Restaurants, where they are sitting under the title foie gras, awaiting remerger, by a mod or admin with power there, into the Carnegies thread. Things happen slowly on weekends when mods are often out doing things, but never fear, your post will make its way back before long. :wink:


It was my mistake. I intended to split the foie gras topic off into an independent thread as more then one restaurant offers it and it should be a thread unto itself for discussion. Things went haywire with the split. Hope you can understand that it was not an attempt to silence you. I thought your message would be heard by more if it was a general foie gras thread rather than addressing the over 100 restaurants individually.

Your original post is here.

you guys are so sweet.I’m officially unannoyed.