I'm coming out as sober-curious

I’m curious about the healthy low carb part, but might need some type of replacement stimulant, healthy of course.

“experts say a lot of this has to do with a growing health consciousness among millennials and Gen Z-ers… of the millennials who limit their drinking, 59 percent say it’s because they don’t want to “lose control” while out in public—a surprising insight coming from the generation long associated with binge drinking behaviors.”

Bloody millenials and liberals. Gonna kill us all!

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Alcohol is a depressant!

I guess I am part of the problem since I hardly drink alcohol anymore. I just don’t think it’s worth it. It feels kind of nice in the moment, but then it makes you say and do stupid shit and you feel super gross the next day. What’s the point?


You say that like it’s a bad thing??


Not! It stimulates the mood you’re in at that moment.

I put my foot in my mouth often enough without the help of stupid juice. It turns out drunk and opinionated is an inflammatory combo.

Certain drinks do taste nice enough for me to risk a bar fight.

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Ok, I’ll buy that.

I was using stimulate informally in like anything that happens to you is a stimulant, could be good or bad or happy or depressing or could be getting beat up in a bar from being drunk.

I have been sober for maybe 3 years now. I started when I was training to go train and fight in Thailand. I said I would cut alcohol for 6 months going in and I did. I felt amazing. My mind and body was on tip top shape.

So I decided to continue. I never like drinking causally anyways. I almost always drank heavily with friends or not at all.

I save a lot of money on alcohol. It adds up considering the money you spend on wine in restaurants, beers and shots at bars, stuff for your house.


Boy, are you barking up the wrong genetically enhanced quadruped…

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Well I haven’t drank alcohol for 20+ years, still not sure if I have sobered up yet :wink:

Causal drinking is the most dangerous type. Social or casual drinking are much more enjoyable.


We never noticed from your postings :trollface::banana::whistle:Anyway you seem happier in Italy


Does ‘sober’ mean no longer drinking or no longer a drunk?

Same question here.

Technically no longer drinking or using any mind altering drugs.

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I stopped drinking for about 4 or 5 years, but then I moved to Taiwan.


millennials take MDMA like candies, of course they don’t want alcohol.

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It’s like weed. It’s a stimulant, especially weed in my backyard, it stimulates me wanting to cut it, get rid of it!

Was it hard for you at first?