I'm Going To / Just Got To Taiwan & Need a Phone or SIM Card


Is it possible to get a SIM with only a passport for ID, in Taipei, or will it involve a trip to the airport / not be possible ?



Was successful at the Taiwan Mobile (MyPhone) by the 101 - Passport stamped with “Visa Exempt 90 days” was fine.


I need help with my Blackberry and choice of Prepaid Card (contract).

I am using a BB Bold 9790, arrived last week and already bought 2 Prepaid Cards. The language barrier makes it almost impossible to not get screwed over but according to some threads here Taiwan Mobile is … or used to be the way to go with BB. I was in contact with the customer service who told me I need to get the BB Package 3G instead of the 4G which was the only one they wanted to sell me at the stores. It doesn’t work, besides calling and texting, of course. However, a second phone call from them confirmed that those Packages are off the shelves. So, do I have no use of my BB here in Taiwan or are there any other possibilities that are definitely going to work out. I am not keen on buying another Prepaid Card if its not working and also no keen on buying a new phone, second hand or not (around 3-4k NT usually).

I will be thankful for any kind of help, really! I am lost and desperate right now.

PS. My phone is a german one and branded by Vodafone afaik. Could that mean that is might be locked as well?


Is the advice in the OP regarding short term/no ARC SIM cards still valid?
I spoke to some pinoy street SIM seller today (in my town nobody in official shops speaks English) and he said I can’t get a prepaid one without ARC.

I will be in Taipei soon and will try some official shops there but would like to know in advance, cheers.


I got a SIM at the airport a couple of weeks ago (after coming out of Customs, on the 1st floor) with only my passport, didn’t even want a 2nd form of ID let alone an ARC. They have some that will last 30 days, so choose based on the length of time you need. It can be a pain to extend/buy another one depending on the policy of the particular company.

The most recent occasion I got a SIM in the city was 2016, for circumstantial reasons. I didn’t have an ARC. No problem but they did want a 2nd form of ID (US drivers’ license as well as passport).


Yes, there’s no problem after all. I eventually went to FarEastOne shop near Taipei Main and got a SIM upon producing passport+ID combo. I think it’s valid for 6 months - or maybe the credit was for 6 months and SIM is forever. Either way, it’s fine for short term.