I'm going to work in Zhonghe, where on the yellow MRT line do you recommend I live?

I’m thinking that I can live anywhere on that stretch of the Yellow (Circular) Line between Banqiao and Dapinglin Station, just wondering if anyone knows which of these stops is the nicest area to live in?


I want to live in a shared apartment, so anywhere from 8k to 13k a month

Are you looking for a quiet neighborhood or some place happening?

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I’d go for just south of gongguan on the green line

Hmm I was just looking at Jinping area and it looks really nice! I want somewhere with a bit of a buzz only a short distance away, but I don’t want to be on a main road or anything

Okay thanks! I’m just trying to basically limit my commute to not much above 30 mins

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the nicest areas are dapinglin, yong an market station (not technically on the line but close) , and around banqiao station is nice. the zhong he portion is mostly an industrial wasteland.

Ah okay thanks, how about Nanshijiao? I see there’s a night market and a lot of amenities nearby?

It’s a shit hole imo. Worst night market i’ve ever been to.

Oh okay haha

Yellow line is kinda out of the way, I’d be looking at wanlong station or jingmei station on the green line.

Gonguan and taipower are closest to the universities and more busy. And the stations I mentioned are a few minutes from there. So you wouldn’t be ‘on the main road’ but you’d be minutes away

Thanks for the recommendations!

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where will your work place be?

Near Zhonghe, Qiaohe, and Zhongyuan stations

Yea banqiao would be close, And its a nice place unless you prefer living in taipei city proper.

Hmm Banqiao does look nice, and it’s not too far to get to Ximen right?

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Yeah not far on the blue line.

Awesome, I’ll lok at places there, thx