I'm looking for a collaborator, proficient in ASP/PHP

Hi all,

I’m running a web services business here in Taiwan. I’m looking for a collaborator to work with me on a contract basic initially on a specific internal project for the company that is already half completed(design and functions are ready, I just need assistance with the back end). If you have experience in ASP or PHP website programming please let me know. It’s a very good opportunity to work on this novel and exciting project (sounds like spin but it’s quite true!) and some shareholding is available for the right candidate.

Also, if you have experience in any type of web design you are also welcome to contact me as I always needs more designers!



According to my knowledge, the administrators of this forumosa.com website have quite a bit of experience in doing PHP programming.

You can contact them at admin@forumosa.com

But of course … I cannot really say if they would have time to get involved in any new projects. If indeed they are all tied up with other matters, perhaps they could introduce someone suitable.