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First time poster here. Let me give a rundown of my situation and then ask the question–I am a Graphic Designer by trade and absolutely love what I do. Currently I am employed as an Art Director for a non-profit in the city (Portland, ME) My wife, whom I met in college for graphic design, is Taiwanese. Long and short of it is this…we are contemplating a relativly short term stay (1 year, perhaps 2) there and I would like to know about the job market. Having taught English there over the course of 4 summers during college, I know that is certainly an option if money was the only concern. (I’m a white American, seems to help) Buuuuuuut…I LOVE Graphic Design and have had a good run so far here in US. The question – Would it be a possiblity for me to find employ as a graphic designer in Taiwan even though I cannot read Chinese? (I can only speak a wee bit o’ Mandrin as well)

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If you get a Joining Family Resident Visa based on your marital status, and then an ESA Article 51 work permit based on that status, which gives you work permission in the Taiwan area, you can pretty much do whatever you want. The next step will be to make the rounds of different companies and see who needs a person with your skills.

See our Legal Matters Forum for more details on visas and work permits.

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Any chance that you may know a way for me to discover the contact info for the larger advertising agencies in Taipei? I did a google search but unfortunately only came up with an agency in Southern Taiwan. I have sent them an e-mail of general inquiry this weekend and am hoping to hear back from them soon but…more is better. Especially when I wish to target Taipei.

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I would suggest you post your resume in the 104.com, which is a big online source for the job search in taiwan. For English service of the 104.com, click the following link, http://www.104.com.tw/cfdocs/2000/resume/leading.htm

It’s not diffuclt to get an IT job in Taipei, expecially to those who already are experienced. But I have no idea how is it to a non-madrain speaker…Usually, in my case, after posting my resume there, I get the reponse from companies pretty soon… I would suggest you give it a try to see how is the market for you. :slight_smile:

Yes, and I would suggest that you check the classified advertising in the three English dailies immediately after you arrive.