I'm new to the neighbourhood!

i’ve come to taiwan on my own and i’m a student. Sadly i haven’t made many friends except for my classmates (who are great), but i want to find western or foreign English speaking students. could you tell me if there are any websites or chat rooms which would enable me to make friends with people similar to my situation? Or any suggetions where to go to meet students? It’d be much appreciated. Thanks xxx

Try posting here http://www.segue.com.tw/3/viewtopic.php?t=5551&start=90&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=

Or, http://www.tealit.com

Young fresh meat? There may be some hungry vultures in Segue. May we see your picture?

i’ve found that it’s far easier to meet people as a student. where do you take classes? you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to students from your particular class. most of my friends from school weren’t in my classes but i just met them around school.

I am at tam kang uni on jin hua st. I agree with you about not limiting myself because i’m not. My school doesnt have many people who speak english and i find the ones who do are hard to socialise with. its quite clicky. so thats why i’mseeking other options to make friends.

Do they (friends) have to be students? If not, that makes even more options to make friends. If you’re into games (or not) some people get to together and hang out on Sundays. Might meet some potential friends. [CLICK HERE] for info.