I'm NOT mutating or developing a chicken foot after all

Yes, really.
I appear to be turning into some kind of bird.
Or at least, my right foot is looking decidedly like that of a chicken.

Why is this happening to me? I dunno. My best theory is that it’s related to the cheap powered milk my girlfriend insists on buying in order to make yoghurt daily. I eat a good sized serving every day, so any nasties in that chemical brew will accumulate quickly enough.

Seriously, I need recommendations for a good orthopaedic doc, or a podiatrist/ chiropodist/ whatever you call a good foot doctor.

As far as I can tell, I’ve developed something like “accessory tarsal navicular”. Which means:

[quote]The bone develops a bit of a bump, and causes the foot to swell in that area. [color=blue]Yep! There’s definitely swelling.[/color]

This condition is present in approximately 2

Yikes! You’se got some ugly feet! :astonished:

You need Dr. Mark! Feet are his specialty.

Ugly? Ugly?! Thems perfectly serviceable, well-formed feet for an oversized hobbit like meself. :raspberry:
*well, save for the impending chickenness.

T’anks for the recommendation! :bow:

Pics … we need pics so we can see what condition your foot is in and we’ll be able to help you … or avoid you … or avoid buying the milk powder you buy …

Avoid me? Are you kidding, Mr. Restauranteur? You should be spiking me with even more of that milk power (then again, maybe it’s just the water?) and standing guard over me… have you seen the size of this drumstick??? :wink:

There’s a link to pics in my first post.

I would be wary of Dr. Mark, especially with foot problems. I won’t say who it is - though he is a former Forumosan - but I know personally one guy who went to Dr. Mark with a problem, got treatment, ended up getting rapidly worse rather than better, and going to a real doctor and finding out he actually had… IIRC it was a fractured foot. Some “specialty” it is if he can’t even figure that one out. I would say go to an actual hospital before Dr. Mark.

I think we need some balance here. Dr. Mark must have earned a good reputation amongst the foreign community for a reason.

Great pic of your feet. :laughing: :bravo:
You say it isn’t painful?

Please let us know what diagnosis you get from the doc? Inquiring minds want to know!


I agree we need some balance - hence my posting the sole negative comment here. And I can vouch for the reliability of the source too.

Sole negative comment ~groan~… You’re such a heel!

All my worries about developing a chicken’s foot turned out to be pure turkey.

Looks like having my high arches isn’t any better than having my father’s flat feet. The arch is starting to fall, things are loosening up, and this is allowing a few bones in the middle of the foot to slide to the side (and to grow, apparently).

The good doctor made what sounds to my untrained ear to be a sound recommendation, but my departure date has been bumped up (I’m going home very soon to take care of some family business) so I’ll have to have this looked at again back home.

Nice to know I’ll not start clucking or preening any time soon.

Did you let out an exalted cock-a-doodle-doo! when you found out the good news though?

I mean, you’d have to be happy, chicken’s feet don’t tend to remain attached to chicken for very long in this part of the world.