I'm on a train into Taipei where should I go this morning

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That sun is way too bright and shiny for Taipei at 7 in the morning

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Bike around Taipei rivers?

Take slow boat to Yanshui?

Museum hopping?

Got a few cafes that can recommend. Dadaocheng or Daan.

You want him to take a boat to Tainan? O_o


National Palace Museum there was another one i forgot it’s name but it’s 2 museums for one.

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Work Taipei starts at 6am
Fun Taipei starts at 7pm
Funner Taipei starts at 10pm

if you be on a train to taipei at 7am…choo chooo right on past to points north and north east and east… There ain’t no fun in Taipei at 7am




Taiwan national interest - sleeping.

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i was thinking of clubbin, pubbin , drinkin