I'm So Bad!

How many of you have done this? I just got my wife (Who has never smoked pot before) baked.
See, my bro is in town visiting so I hooked up with some of the really, really good chronic we get here in Seattle.

So my bro & I are toking up and watching the Simpsons and my wife is sorta curious. All she knew was that we were smoking “Da-Ma”. So she tries some…

She’s on the couch now trying to drink some wine & giggling her head off. I think she likes it!
Have any of you turned on your Taiwanese S/O?

Yeah, me and the wife often fight over who gets the last hit of the glass head.

That’s the thing I miss the most about home.

no comment

Mine used to always give me unrelenting shit about it until I caught her with her hands in the cookie jar. Now she enjoys it, she gives me shit about being a bad influence when she wakes up the next day feeling like someone’s axed in bewteen the eyes. I wish someone would…

I am shocked that the moderators have allowed this topic to go on as long as it has! It is scandalous!
Advocating the enjoyment of an illegal substance? What sort of people are you? Satan worshipers? Do you drink blood too?
Hey, they don’t call it “dope” for nothing, you know. That stuff will rot your brain and leads to harder drugs like heroin or that LSD.
Getting your girlfriend hooked on this killer is downright criminal! Why not just force her to eat hagis?
You people are all lawbreakers and should be sentenced to long prison terms for breaking not only man’s law, but God’s law as well!

Can you believe that ??

Don’t force your views/opinions on me. That’s just sick man.

I couldn’t agree more. These moderators are a disgrace allowing this to go on for so long! Satan Worshipers? Very possibly. Just take the moderator for this site, for example: Angst. Play around with the letters a little, and you get Satgn. Turn that “g” upside down and you have Satan! Very well spotted Wolf! May the full wrath of God’s Law strike him from this sacred site!!

BTW does anyone know where I can get hold of 30lbs worth of hagis for the weekend?

Originally posted by wolf_reinhold: Do you drink blood too?

Yep–sure do!
I drank the Cobra’s blood at Shih-Lin!

Growing in Taiwan tips?

What happens if They catch you? Will they really put you in prison, for a real amount of time?

About 5-6 years ago, a Brit was turned into the police by his Taiwanese girlfriend–apparently he had another squeeze on the side and she didn’t approve; the police searched his apartment and found a sizeable amount of pot, divided up into smaller portions, and a gun. Initially he was charged with trafficking, which carries the death sentence. He claimed that it was for personal use and that he had no idea where the gun came from. His lawyer finally got the charges reduced to simple possession–his sentence: one year in prison. He was stuck in a tiny prison cell with approx 20 other prisoners, all Taiwanese, most gang members and several of them murderers and rapists. When interviewed by the China News at the end of his sentence, while he was awaiting deportation, he said that it had been a living hell. Just goes to show it pays to be faithful

Regarding the previous post - I also remember recently seeing a documentary on foreigners in Taiwanese prisons. And guess what? Most where small time pot heads who got nailed in Taiwan. Keep youe eye on you gf.

Of course, at the same time, one has to wonder why the police don’t crack down on the places where foreigners buy and sell weed, and have done for years. It’s not like a big secret.

Well, it is a secret to me. Is there like a pot night market or something? Am I two months from leaving Taiwan and missed a whole side of the culture???!!!


BTW, where is Angst? He has been slacking. He has allowed a discussion about ***** size and drugs in one week. Is he on vacation or something?

Well, we’re here in the US now so the worst that can happen is that I might get a ticket.

UPDATE: We did it again the following night & watched a bunch of Simpsons episodes. She sat on the couch giggling her head off for almost the entire session.

Well, makes you wonder, but the piss tests they give English teachers don’t even examine for THC. Heroin, amphetimines, yes. THC, no. Ecstacy test raids on clubs, yes. THC, no. Taiwanese aren’t too strict about this one unless it’s like, in their faces, blatant, massive sales of it to locals or whatever. You’d have to be an utter jackass fool to wind up in Taiwanese prison for da ma possession! Like lighting up next to the police station…go on.

but anyway, if they did test teachers for thc, they’d get a lot higher salaries due to undersupply and overdemand.

I heard they just deport you… Too much trouble to keep you in jail…

Maybe the law will grow more liberal?

I haven’t had the experience yet of trying to hide a J from a Taiwanese cop. However, when I lived in Hong Kong, we’d just walk straight past the cops in LanKwaiFong, and they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. We eventually theorised that they either couldn’t give a sh!t, or they simply didn’t know what it smelt like. Is it the same here? Do the cops know what they’re after?