Image not showing up

Maybe this is a temporary glitch, or just on my end? I keep trying to post a .jpg image, and while it shows up in the edit window, it doesn’t show up after posting.

Curious if my images will show up here…

EDIT: Nevermind, must have been a temporary thing. Image is now showing up.

Not seeing the image here and other places, I think there’s still something amiss.

Is it just images, or is the site slower than usual? I could barely connect yesterday.

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I’ve been noticing the thing about pictures not rendering too. Other people seem to be able to see them though, so… :thinking:

A lot of images are showing up on my end as a broken link icon.

I’m also not seeing some of the site images like buttons for editing, likes, etc.

And I haven’t seen @Steve4nLanguage’s avatar in a long time! But maybe that’s intentional. :idunno:

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Have also noticed this issue with images.

His icon is black with a transparent background, so if you’re on dark mode it’s hard to see.