Imaginative names for a chocolate lab puppy ...?

Hi there, hope everybody is doing fine! :sunglasses:

Tomo, our yellow Labrador Retriever we brought with us to Germany from Taiwan will have a little friend to play with soon, a little Labrador Lady will be joining us in a couple of weeks time.

If anybody knows funny, imaginative, unusual names for a chocolate labrador girl we’d be grateful if you could share them with us!! All languages welcome (Tomo, e.g., is short for tomodachi, which is the word for “friend” in Japanese …)!

Thanks a lot!! Xpet.

Hey, Xpet!

That’s great to hear - lucky Tomo and lucky choc Lab lady!

I can’t offer any names, I’m afraid; in fact, I’m banned from naming animals at AnimalsTaiwan as I have such bad taste in names, apparently.

But, I’d go with the chocolate theme: Mocha, Cadbury, Hershey, that kind of thing. :wink:

Good luck, and good to hear from you.



Hi there Sean, working late I see … :wink:

Thanks for the recommendations, that’s exactly the kind of thing we were thinking of, we have Hershey on our list, actually, and the wife likes your “Mocha” idea … keep ‘em comin’!!! :slight_smile:

Bye & thanks, Xpet.

Coffee. That way she can get lots of good vibes from the 100 times a day I say “Man I love coffee”. Plus the locals can pronounce it… almost.

C’mon people can we be a little more imaginative? There has to be better names than just the colors of the rainbow or things associated with color.

Like Brownie…

hmmm pot brownie… [Homer drools]

How about GW. Then you can say. My GW is such a little bitch.

I have a chocolate lab. Well he’s have lab. Get ready to hear “Ke AI!!” a million times a day from the locals. As chocolate labs are rare here.

Mine is named Chocky, short from Chocolate in Chinese. I didn’t name him, but his previous owner did.

Make sure it’s a name you can call oout without fear of ridicule. I hate it, for instance, when Happy disappears from sight, and I have to holler his name around the neighbourhood; the neighbours must think I’m on drugs. :blush:

So you’re the loonie all the locals talks about in Muzha. :slight_smile:

I ran chocolatelab through an anagram machine and I like this:


“Tobacco hell” for short would be spot on.

CAT AH BOO CELL has a certain je ne sais quo, non?

Just running chocolate through yields:


This would be great if your pet was a, well, cat and you spoke eubonics. :s

As you know, I’m a musician, so I have lots of imagination. I’ve also trained lots of labs. How about “Cummereyedirtyweebroonbastard.” You could call it “bastard” for short.

Thanks for all the replies so far, to summarize, forumosans have so far put forward

Chocky (QiaoKeLi)
He Cool Cat
Cummereyedirtyweebroonbastard and

Charming, Sandman! Reminds me of Big Bill Broonzy … :wink: I’ll count “Broonzy” as Sandman’s contribution …

Thanks to all, any more suggestions?

Ta, Xpet.

If he’s a chocolate lab, how about something like Willy, Wonka, or Charlie? Or OompaLumpa?

Or Kisses

How about Chocolate Dog?

What about Cacao (pronounced kah cow -not co co). Or Maya, the first people to use chocolate? Or Cinnamon. Or Fudgie??? Or Jackie after Jackie Brown… or Muddy Girl? Or Soya :slight_smile:

Steve Martin in the movie The Jerk was told what to name his dog. It could apply in this case just as well and work in with the theme.






James (as in James Brown)




Tootsie roll!

Okay, just a reminder, the little labrador lady is a she, so thanks for James B. (though I like it!), He Cool Cat etc., but they just won’t work.

Cacao by the way is also used in German (spelled Kakao), so the locals here wouldn’t have a problem pronouncing it … :wink:

Similarly, Cacaa is very similar to a German kid’s word for poop: Kacka or Kacke … :s

We’re zeroing in on either Hershey, Fudge, Toffee or … ?? Let’s hear some more!! :slight_smile:

My friends in Canada have a choc lab named Jersey.