Imagine what you can do with a scooter in Taiwan

Amazing!! :laughing: :laughing:

Sad and stupid

Perhaps it’s funny to some, but the first picture angers me. What really angers me is when people keep inappropriate breeds like the Old English Sheepdog in a climate such as Taiwan’s. The dogs are clearly panting, which is the only way they can lose heat - a dog cannot sweat. The dog doesn’t have the opportunity to wear a tee shirt, and should at least have its fur trimmed closely for this climate. A similarly inconsiderate owner keeps a long haired husky near me. :bluemad:

CQ: You wouldn’t like the picture in the China Post a couple of days ago of a bear that had been trained (tortured?) to ride a scooter. I can’t find it now.

I don’t know the name of the breed, but a motorcycle shop on Chungxiao East Road Sec. 5 near where I work has a medium-sized furry coated brown dog (looks like a mini brown bear). When it was summer, the dog constantly panted from the suffocating heat. When it turned cold this winter, the thoughtful owner shaved off all of his fur so the little fella spent the entire winter shivering. Brilliant logic.

I’ll know I was a bad person during this life if I die and come back as a dog in Taiwan. :bluemad:

You can prove me wrong, but I don’t think that dogs with longer hair suffer as you seem to indicate in summer here. All dogs use their tongue as a heat sink, regardless of environment or length of hair.
I don’t think all Siberian huskies feel out of sorts if they are not in a Siberian-like climate.
My sister has two golden retrievers that like to be outside during the Phoenix summers. They are acclimatized to it. Granted, they like to be inside too, but they would not be any more comfortable if they were shaven, I believe. Using your theory, nearly any dog would be unsuitable for Phoenix summers (50C sometimes) and surely, no cats could survive a Taipei summer with all that long hair…maybe we should consult Alien on whether she saves her pussies. :wink:

[quote=“wolf_reinhold”]and surely, no cats could survive a Taipei summer with all that long hair…maybe we should consult Alien on whether she saves her pussies. :wink:[/quote]Depends how hairy your pussy is, I shave my pussies in the summer, they do seem a lot more comfortable, cats generally shouldn’t pant.

I would never shave my pussy, even if it is sweltering outside. Besides, it’s not like he does anything but sleep anymore. He’s completely bored. I wish there was a cat park in Taiwan. He could do with some socialization. And after his reaction to riding the MRT with its sudden stops, I don’t think he’d care to ride on a scooter.

You know what the obvious thing to do is, don’t you? Our cat began to get a little freaky several years ago, so we got him a roommate – actually his own half-sister (same mother, different litter). That calmed him right down and made him much more pleasant to be around.
Having two gives more than twice the pleasure and is less than 10 percent more bother.
Your cat will thank you.

I know. I have been trying to get around that issue…thinking of getting a kitten for him to play with and take care of since I read that neutered male cats make great mommies. But I don’t plan on living in Taiwan forever, and I do not plan on moving back to the States, although I suppose I’ll have to eventually. In any case, I will be leaving one country for another sometime in the near future and it will be difficult enough with one cat, especially the one that I have, let alone with two of them. I wish they had pet foster homes like they do in the US. I wouldn’t mind taking in a poor kitty who needs some socialization before being adoptable, but I don’t think I could handle having two cats at once.