Imagine it is 2028. You are still living in Tawain doing a crappy english teaching buxiban job getting paid the market rate of 650 an hour. And then you get an email… someone has replied to your post on Forumsa. What? I haven’t been on that website in almost a decade!
What is the post?

you worried it’ll be this one?


Forget the post. I’d probably be perpetually drunk from my career taking such a nosedive. From uni job back to cramschool is a cruel fate.

I wonder if this site will even be around in 10 years. Old school forums like this are slowly getting replaced as discussion hubs by sub-reddits and FB groups.

“It’s clear this was back when the waiguoren were more tame… these days, I can’t walk around without seeing drunk asses tumbling out of the bars!”

In 2028, the Internet has become self-aware and has already launched a pre-emptive strike against its human enemies. 650 an hour will be a distant memory, as we slave away for the benefit of our electronic masters.

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If it is a good job occasion, take it!