IME Wars:ㄅㄆㄇ Need Standard/Enhanced and Pinyin with no monkeying of settings

Very simple. Both my wife and I want to be able to sit at the computer and be able to type with out playing around with settings.
Using the CH IME, my wife uses Keyboard Chinese (Traditional) -Phonetic using the enhanced (ETEN) keyboard layout.
I am using the Chinese (Traditional)-New Phonetic using the Standard or Traditional keyboard layout

As it stands now, we both can quickly sit down at the computer, drop down to our favorite keyboard selection and type away…

I now need to add standard Pinyin to the mix. I still want to type traditional characters though. I managed to find Pinyin, but I was only able to type simplified characters. Thanks.

OS Windows 7 Ultimate (Chinese) running English interface.

This Pinyin Joe guy usually has some good tips. Try this page: … -intro.htm

Windows 7 Chinese Pinyin Setup: Adding Traditional Chinese Pinyin Input.

Thanks for the quick reply. I got the Han Pinyin working using the the “New Phonetic” setting. But that means my Traditional Keyboard Layout is knock out of the box. I or my children will now have to open the properties setting to Change the Keyboard Layout. I was hoping to add pinyin as a drop down option like I am using now for both enhanced or standard BO PO MO layouts.

I also have the need to type actual Pinyin for vocabulary learning purposes.

I will study the links further. Of course, being lazy and distracted by some noisy kids… I will gladly take any spoon fed help or shortcuts… :notworthy:
Thanks for the help.

You can set up keyboard shortcuts for different layouts somewhere in the preferences (like: Ctrl+Shift+1…9).

I use Sogou Pinyin IME for typing, much faster:

Ctrl+Shift+F to switch to traditional (full-form) characters.

Google Pinyin works well, although the config panel is only available in Simplified Chinese, so you’ll have to go through like 20 minutes of confusion. You can also toggle Traditional Chinese character-set only if you don’t want to clutter your selection window with Simplified letters.