Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

We should be flattered, then! The reference to [color=red]*[/color]floundering a post is a dead giveaway. :laughing:

The Temp Forum used to be known as the “Flounder Forum”.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to this thread. :whistle:

[quote=“Maoman”]I, for one, strongly support China in this endeavour, but will the world community do the same? That “One China” policy is a pesky thing, indeed! :laughing:

[quote=“News From the Renegade Province”]BEIJING | Chinese president Hu Jintao stunned the world on Sunday with his announcement that “China hereby declares that it is an independent, sovereign state.”

“We are our own nation,” Hu explained at a press conference held for the statement. “We are not just the ‘manufacturing yard of Taiwan’, the ‘uncivilized hinterlands of Hong Kong’ or the ‘backyard of Tibet’. We have our own culture and our laws, and we intend to take measures to defend our right to recognition in the international community.”[/quote][/quote]

And they improved the search function. I can view a post, click back and the choices are still there. Typical.

I like the way their Member List has 103 pages, but the actual list of members runs out on page 42.


Thousand-plus Posts Club[/quote]

Post count tags.
We got them beat here.

Check out their love and dating forum. :laughing:

Heh - it looks like Poagao is confusing a lot of people… … 671#133671