Imma Bakery Cafe Restaurant

Apologies for the offtopic but if anyone here is living in Tainan and has not tried yet the Israeli restaurant (Imma), give it a try, very good stuff.


Where is it?

I was going to try it recently as looks good, but too many negative comments and reviews about management customer relations.

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It’s this one > (never tried the bakery products, but the main dishes are good).

That’s something I noticed too. I noticed the staff did not look happy to work there, but since I know exactly what to order everytime I go there, it goes smooth.

There is also an Imma Israeli restaurant in Kaohsiung near the love River in the Zuoying district, been there, great food, actual Israeli boys cooking, authentic inside as well.

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If it’s being run by Taiwanese, then I wouldn’t put too much faith in the food and service. Not to say that Israelis are know for the good customer service, but at least the food will (most likely) be good.

I’ve eaten at Sababas in Taipei several times and the food was crap. The staff had no idea how to prepare it properly. It would be like me opening up a traditional Taiwanese restaurant abroad. Nothing would taste right.

They shut down the Tainan restaurant :frowning:

That restaurant had very good food but they overcharged.

Too bad the Tainan one closed, I have been the Kaohsiung one and had a great meal.


I probably move to Kaohsiung in April, will be glad to go back there.

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I don’t think so, the price is fine, if I remember the last time I ate there in Tainan, it was like 600 NTD for two people.

is ok, fair price, see this blog (lots of photos)

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