Immigration Agent

Hi, would anyone be able to recommend a visa / migration agent by any chance?

I’d like to initiate a gold card application to enter and live in Taiwan. I’m an Australian citizen residing overseas (Bali); going back to Australia to process my application isn’t an option because once I’m in, I won’t be allowed out again. I’m aware of the requirements, but I’d like to have an agent guide me through the application process because my case is a bit unusual.

Thanks in advance

What’s unusual about your case? The process is pretty easy to be honest.

Winkler Partners would be happy to help you, but it’s going to cost $1000.

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Oh, is it pretty straightforward? My understanding is that most applicants go by the ‘show your employment income’ route. This is a bit inconvenient. So, I’ll be making an application on the basis of my PhD, record of publications, teaching experience, etc. And navigating through the associated requirements is a bit more complex this way I heard (it’s not simply: show that you earn above $X amount).

In addition to this, I’m residing in a country that’s not my country of citizenship. And going back is not an option until around 2022/3 (whenever Australia decides to no longer stop its own citizens from leaving). So I’ve got questions regarding corona clearance, which diplomatic mission office I need to go through, etc.

US$1,000 isn’t too bad to be honest, as long as I get it at the end of the day. Money isn’t a priority for me at the moment lol …

Anyway, thanks so much for your suggestion! I really appreciate it!

From what I’ve read here, the non-income route is pretty subjective. If you meet the income requirement for the Economy category, I can’t imagine it would be more inconvenient to prove this than to try to meet their expectations on the requirements in another category.

Yeah, I know a few people who applied on the basis of their PhD successfully without using an agent. You could always try first and involve the agent later if, during the process, gov asks for more documents than what you provided.

If your PhD is from a top 200 university, you should be able to apply under education (easy). If it’s not, I guess it would be technology (harder). Links to the requirements for both are in this post, and either you can fulfill them or you can’t, so I’m not sure what an agent would add to that except a decent fee.

Great! Thanks guys - you’ve helped a lot.

I guess Taiwan is quite different from here. Extending my stay permit here (in Bali) as a foreigner is a nightmare without an agent - because of the pandemic. Since we’ve gotten an agent, life has been much easier.

I’ll try to get things sorted on my own for Taiwan then.


My uni is in the top 300, so I’ve had to accompany my application with evidence of 5+ years’ worth of teaching and research activities. All got sorted in the end. I got my congrats email last week and my gold card is apparently in the mail. Yay!


Is meeting the income requirement the easiest way? My work experience doesn’t appear to fit in the categories.


Nope, not really.

The income requirement is a subcategory of each of the categories, but you still need to choose an appropriate category fitting your field. You can’t just apply on the basis of income without choosing a category (at least for a couple of years now).

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Like @Andrew said: My understanding is that nowadays the income alone is not enough. You additionally need to be working in a relevant category, and somehow prove that.

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Sorry. I had a brain fart, I thought this was for APRCs.

Ahhh ok I have worked in real estate developer sales over the last 10 years in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong and I wonder which category that would fit under the economic segment. Any idea?