Immigration, Nationality & Refugee Law Handbook

Immigration, Nationality & Refugee Law Handbook 2006 Edition … tions.html

This helpful Handbook (UK edition) is published yearly, according to the info on the website.

Does anyone know which Taiwan government department publishes a similar Handbook regarding immigration, nationality, and refugee laws/regulations here in Taiwan?

I would be interested in details on how to order a copy of the latest Taiwan edition.

I doubt that the stuff I found on the 'net is what you are looking for, but I’ll post links to it anyway, just in case.

There’s a small PDF document called “A Handbook of Immigration Information for Foreign Spouses.” It can be downloaded

There’s a small Word document, somewhat similar to the one above (in fact they’re sometimes both referred to by the same name) called “A Handbook of Living Information for Foreign Spouses.” I notice that someone quoted this one on Forumosa. It can be dowloaded here.

I didn’t find any book-length publications for Taiwan like the British one that your link leads to, but I’ve missed things like that before in Internet searches, so maybe someone else will come along and post better info here.

You probably already know that the Eslite Bookstore near Taipei 101 has a fair-sized section of government publications (but most of them are in Mandarin).

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.