Where in Taipei can you easily get shots, such as Hepatitis A and tetanus?

we’ve got ours from the outpatients (Cathay Hospital???) clinic at Xinyi District government office 1F nr the cnr of Xinyi and Song Ren rds, no problems and cheap. You probably should think about Japanese Encephalitis too.

Got mine at Adventist (TaiAn) hospital.

There is also a hospital on Dunhua Rd. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Taipei. I got my Hepatitis Shots in their Linkou branch. Quick and easy.

All good choices.

Where in the hospitals did you get the shots, family practice?

Any locations on the north end of town, say from Shilin to Beitou?


I just went to a physician at the hospital, and they filled out some e-forms and send me around to pay, get the medicine and take it to the ER to get the shot.

Yep, family practice.