Impending Sock Problem

I bought this big package of new socks at H&M Taipei and wondering what I’m going to do if all the left ones or all the right ones disappear?

I guess I’ll just be stuck with useless lefties or righties.

That’s how the scheme works. They market the socks as being more convenient because it’s easy to tell which one is the left and which one is right one, then when you lose one you are forced to buy a whole new pair.
The media of course doesn’t want to talk about this, the sock racket mafia is too powerful.


take them back.
ask for a refund.
tell them you’re dyslexic.


Perhaps mathematical topology can help.

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But you’d have to be ok with the sock guts being on the outside.

I have a few pairs of lefty and righty labeled socks and I’ve kept up with them just fine. But I’ve always been the type to keep my socks matched…in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever lost a sock in my life.

me @ myself



Are those ankle socks? Just return the package and pretend the whole thing never happened.


It’s true! Even through college.

But I have a lot of really cute socks that I’d be sad to lose, so that motivates me to keep track of them.

If you have never lost a sock then you must have reached some alternative dimension of reality or a higher plane of existence. We are not worthy.

I bet you iron your socks too, you freak.

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Bet you do not have cats…

How can you not lose socks?! I put them in a bag and still they travel to another dimension…

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They’ll know something is afoot…


Never owned a cat in my life! My dogs never bothered with them.

I’ll admit I take pretty meticulous care of my clothing but that’s too far even for me.

That’s why I normally buy only a few colors, no problem in another ‘sock mate’ on the right or left.

Or keep it to wear with your not-long-enough-suit

They look like second hand socks! Fungus problem!

I had some pairs of these washed by the laundry service at a hotel. They very reliably folded all the Ls together and all the Rs together.

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Is this a political allegory? :ponder:

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My socks are all centrist.

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