Import and Distribution

Hi Everyone - I need to get information and hire a service provider that will be able to import household goods from US/Western brands and distribute them around Taiwan. Ideally, our company would get a shipping address in Taiwan to ship to from the US or sometimes China (remember all US/Western brands, no Chinese brands) and the service provider will take care of getting the products in Taiwan and deliver them to households.

If you have experience with this, have had an experience with this, or know about a service provider that we can use, please let me know asap. We need to get going in a month. Thank you!

do you still need the help?

Hello everyone i am agent of import and export i am from morroco i live in taipei and im also a student in mtc center .
I am looking for a taiwanese partner or a buyer
I import all types of argan oil pure or organic
Facebook . Inace tt mask
+886 965 349 360

I have experience, I’m american, and my wife is Taiwanese who’s family has a distribution business. Do you still need help?

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