Import duty on imported jeans

Could somebody please tell me what the import duty on clothes is? Apologies to the thread puritans here :slight_smile: but I did try search some word permutations of what I’m after, however the search engine on this site kept throwing out threads from the 2000s era.

Was hoping to buy some jeans online and import into Taiwan, will definitely be over 2000NTD. Can’t jeans long and skinny enough here…

Thanks for repeating yourself to any peeps who respond.

Check out this thread. Last post had a link:

Thanks slawa for trying. The link you provided prompts me for a pin to login?

Maybe @Belgian_Pie can help you, he posted that link.

This one works.


If I remember correctly, for most fashion items it’s 30% import duty (on top of cost including shipping) + 5% VAT on top of all of it.

Guess that’s why the majority of foreigners dress like slobs.


Much appreciated.

Wow, this is truly bizarre. Items are subdivided into whether they are knitted or crocheted, or not. Also bibs are explicitly itemised. Is there a bib importation racket going on?

I think this website might even be uglier than Taiwanese urban architecture … actually quite an achievement.

So do I add column 1, 2 and 3? It could never be straightforward and user friendly could it.

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You should have been here 15 years ago, you had to go to an office and get printed books (documents) having ( you had to know) the specific item number you wanted to get the import duty of.

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In most cases you deal with column 1 (most countries). Column 2 is for the least developed countries. I forgot what column 3 is for…

I am not familiar enough with textiles to help you with the detailed code, but would think it’s something along the lines of 62033200 00 5, which would imply a 10.5% duty. (Much better than the 30% I remembered.)

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I think column III is for when you have limits on import quantity for a certain item per year per country.

Thanks, the thing is they group by material, but often jeans may be 90% cotton with some other material in there. In the past with other stuff where several categories may apply they appear to have just charged me the highest of all the applicable rates.

Are clothes still made here? Could we get stuff made for export by them before they leave the country?
If an item, clothes or anything else made for the export market, could we get a break off the import tax if it was made in Taiwan.

My inquiry isn’t jeans related, but just about general tariffs on all items. Where can I find a link?

@Belgian_Pie 's fine link above no longer seems to work.

There are lots of threads on the board about tariffs, but it’s hard to find the info.
Been searching here, but there are so many directives to wade through.

It’s been changed several times over the years when they update/upgrade the website. Just the other day we had a few posts about tariffs.

Here’s the link

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That’s the one. 12% outcome for me. Many thanks.

Is there a certain exclusion? Ie, the first 3000 NT is free? I’ve had friends order plenty of stuff online from the US and they seem to be only charged 5-8% on clothing.