Import of cigarettes

How much is legal to bring to Taiwan?

Tobacco limited for duty exemption to 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars…

200 ciggies mean a carton of it. And yes, that isn’t much but some how my parent go through with 4 cartons!! :shock:

First up I’d really have to ask why you’d want to bring cigs into Taiwan. They’re only marginally more expensive (around NT$100 a carton) by the packet here than anything you’ll buy duty free. The only reason I can think of is that they may not have your brand. B&H for example.

However, I have heard that an opened pack isn’t tallied. Sounds absurd to me but then they don’t have my brand back in Oz. I have in the past scattered a couple of cartons through my bags in addition to my allotted duty free and never been hassled. If you think about it customs are looking for the big fishees not the sneaks trying to blur the lines.

be prepared to give up whatever you have over the limit just in case.