Import Pets to the EU - esp. England

I am researching this now, so will add to this and try to consolidate info for EU/England in this thread since the other gets confusing since it is mixed with US/Canada/Singapore/…

At the moment I can break it into 3 stages as follows

  1. Vetiniarian Prepreparation - pre-treat/microchip

  2. Travel preparation - Ensure carrier accepts pets

  3. Final Checks

To tackle the first point there is conflicting advice on the DEFRA/ websites, one saying that rabies free countries (Taiwan) only require a “blue passport”, the other saying that a pet must be microchipped before receiving inoculation against rabies with a 6-month waiting period thereafter to confirm it has taken.

Then another blood test certificate that again has confliction advice, some websites saying valid for 6-months, others saying only valid after 3-months.

Will add links to correct info once found and copy emails received and other such.