Import restrictions on bleach and sanitizer

Can hand sanitizer containing alcohol like Purell be mailed to Taiwan? Also, products like Clorox bleach wipes. Can they be mailed to Taiwan?


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My PX Mart has the wipes

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Good to know.
Costco is sold out.

If there’s a run on bleach I know how to make them. Get some pool saltwater chlorination anodes, a grade 2 titanium plate. Make a saturated salt solution (dissolve as much salt into water as you can until it won’t take anymore) and connect the saltwater chlorination to positive, titanium plate to negative, and pass electricity through it. You can use a pc power supply for this. After a few days you’ll have a very strong bleach that you can dilute to your liking.

Excellent, thanks for the tip! Now I only need to get some pool saltwater chlorination anodes and a grade 2 titanium plate.


You can get them from ebay

Seriously though.
Are products containing bleach or medical grade alcohol prohibited?

Just look up the UN list of hazardous products of what can be shipped and how it has to be marked and packed.

Both are hazardous materials. Alcohol is flammable and bleach is noxious, it can also harm aluminum (which aircraft is made from), because bleach contains a lot of lye as byproduct of manufacturing. Lye eats aluminum.

It also beats scissors and rock


Back in the days I brought bleach in tablet form from Europe in my luggage as it was not available in Taiwan (only liquid).

How about using Dettol products? They seem to be more available in Taiwan now.

Just be carefull.

" Side effects

Chloroxylenol is not significantly toxic to humans, is practically non-toxic to birds, and is moderately toxic to freshwater invertebrates. It is highly toxic to fish, cats, and some amphibians and should not be used around them. It is a mild skin irritant and may trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.


Excessive exposure to chloroxylenol has the potential for causing lethal toxicity. It is poisonous when swallowed and even when it is unintentionally breathed in. A medical study in Hong Kong which analyzed 177 cases of Dettol ingestions that resulted in emergency department treatment (95% of which were intentional), concluded that ″Dettol poisoning resulted in serious complications in 7% of patients, including death".


Chloroxylenol is toxic to many animals, especially cats. Phenolic compounds are of particular concern because cats are unable to fully metabolize them. A cat may swallow the product by licking its paws after they have come into contact with it."

No point doing that, if bleach is seriously short you could just make it at home…