Import Tax

[color=green]Hi, I want to import some goods from the UK (bought online) - I believe I would have to pay import tax, but need to contact the CUSTOMS DEPT. to find out how to handle the import tax payment, and collect any other info.[/color]

[color=red] Where is the Customs Dept ? How do I contact them ? How does import tax get calculated ? [/color]

[color=green]Any, and I mean ANY info will be welcomed. Thank you [/color]

If it’s being sent by post and not very expensive, they probably won’t bother, I used to order videos and DVD’s regularly from the UK and US, I was never asked to pay anything, except once when I had a load of stuff sent by Parcel Force, then I had to pay a load of tax at the post office when I picked it up. Little stuff by post would proably be ignored, big stuff by Fed-Ex would be processed by customs

Goods under NT$3000 are free of tax payment.
Above $3000, you will be asked to pay 10% import tax,
no matter of the purpose: goods, gifts or samples.
The post office will charge you when you collect it on random check.
Fed-ex are more strict comparing to post office.

[color=green]Sorry for the name change but segue won’t accept my password and it won’t send me a new password - hence the ID Crises …

Anyway - MANY thanx for the info :smiley: ! One more question …[/color]

[color=red]The shipping will be done via UPS … and goods are WAY over 3000 NT$ … so obviously I won’t be picking it up from the post office. Would I then have to pay UPS the tax on delivery ?[/color]

[color=green]Does anyone have a number for UPS in Taipei ?
Thanx again.

My understanding from someone who receives parcels via UPS is Yes… they always collect import tax.

Here’s the number that I got from

UPS Taiwan Office
2F. No. 361, Ta Nan Road
Shih Lin, Taipei 111
(886-2) 2883 3868


And note that the cost of shipping is added to calculate the tax!

[color=darkblue]Hmmm … yes. I just phoned customs and it the guy was very helpfull really. But he gave me terrible news and now I hate him. :imp:

With all the sales tax, this tax, that tax, it came to aproximately 45 % tax added onto the invoice INCLDUDING freight and insurance :shock:

Fookin hell !! :? That’s a bit harsh.[/color]

That’s why it’s not worth buying stuff from home over the internet, it just doesn’t work out. Ship the stuff over in personal backpacks. I’ve personally carried 400 blanks CDs thru customs. Personal use of course…

I tried CDNow a couple of times. It’s also the reason why internet shopping has only really taken off in the US for consumer products.

That’s why it’s not worth buying stuff from home over the internet, it just doesn’t work out.

R1 DVDs are cheaper when ordered from the US or Canada. Just keep the order small (1-2 movies per order) and there will be no tax added of any kind.

I recommend and suggest to request billing in Canadian Dollars.

Including f and i? How much of the 45% extra was the freight and insurance? If a lot then the tax portion was small?