Importing a cat

This has been discussed on the forum but still looks confusing. We want to take our cat to Taiwan in December. But looks like we need to have the rabies test done 180 days - 2 years before importing? If we don’t do that, is it mandatory 21 day quarantine? If we do have the test done, is there no quarantine?

If we do need quarantine, is there a way to get the cat to a vet boarding where we know he will be well cared for?


The quarantine is mandatory no matter what from what I understand from bringing my dogs over.

Looks like the 180 day wait after test AND the 21 day quarantine are mandatory. So now the wife is crying over her cat. Have to figure out how to make this work out the best. Wish I would have known about this 3 months ago.

Started the long process of bringing this cat to Taiwan. Gonna be one expensive cat! Cheaper than a divorce though. :slight_smile:

I went through the same thing. Yeah, it’s not cheap.

Had a colleague who didn’t plan so well. The cat got turned away in Taipei. His wife stayed in Taipei and he turned around and went looking for a home in California to wait out the 6 months with the cat.

Also, there are only a couple labs that can certify the bloodwork. You MUST use the lab designated by Taiwan. Your vet can draw the blood, but cannot analyze it, IIRC. You vet CAN administer the necessary vaccines.

And you have virtually no choice for the quarantine, you cannot just pick a vet you like. I think I used NTU hospital.