Importing a used Vehicle to Taiwan


Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody on here knows the ins and outs of importing a used car into Taiwan?
All the cars i am interest in are very rare here which makes them crazy expensive, now i’ve looked a lot online and see that there are some crazy rules about the car being less than 10 years old and must be left hand drive and has to pass an emissions test or it gets shipped back, but i wondering if there is any way around this! Could you ship the car over in bits and say you are importing car parts or something like that! Im not looking to be able to drive the car straight away, more looking for a long term project car or track car, surely there must be a way to import a car for track use or something like that!
Any input is much appreciated!



Importing itself is no big deal, you ship it, and pay your duties and fees upon arrival.
Note that those are calculated by the customs, not from your declared value, so you might be in for a surprise.

However, nowadays, getting a car which does not fulfill present emission standards is a no-go, even well connected locals and car aficionados can’t manage it any more, money don’t talk for this.

I myself spend half year to check on all options (including all technical ones for a one tine cheat) to let a 1995 XJS pass the emission test, but gave up and bought a local one instead.


Which cars are you interested in?


They used to do that with heavy motorcycles, and they ended up with a bunch of unregistered ones that no one can use legally.


a pilot imported a used Lamborghini Murcielago SV in pieces as car parts a while ago. He never paid import tax on the car and drove the car on public road without a license plate. That said car was later impounded and destroyed. The pilot was fined heavily for tax evasion and operating an unsafe vehicle endangering public safety. It’s a lot of risk for a hobby. It better be worth it. Porsche 993, BMW E30 M3, Acura NSX are the most recent car trends among hobbyists in Taiwan.


If you are married to a Taiwanese you could declare it as moving your household.
It works from Taiwan to Germany anyway.

Last time I checked, you have to be registered in the old country for 2 years and then move to Taiwan. The purchased must be made 6 month before moving here.

It includes yachts, airplanes, cars, etc.


Thanks for the reply’s guys,

Well i have a supra back home that i would really like to get over, but here is the thing,

Its more than 10 years old
It will probably not pass emissions

I seen the video of that lambo getting ripped to bits so thats one of the reasons i’ve been hesitant about this, the last thing i need is for my pride and joy to end up that way. Ive been looking at some of the cars for sale on some of the facebook sites, i seen a LHD car on there and cannot understand how they got it into the country. The restrictions in Taiwan are a lot more strict than i was expecting, i guess i should have read more before deciding to move out here haha.

I have owed the car for nine years and my wife is Taiwanese, i read that you have 6 months to import your car after you move, im here 3 months.

Here is the thing, Im afraid to ship it cause i don’t what to have to pay for it to be shipped back also the Kelley Blue book price for it is more than 20K so the tax is going to be stupidly high, so if im gonna ship it i wanna be sure im going to be able to keep it

I’m just trying to weigh up all my options, I’ve still no idea what im going to do, this is the first thing that has really pissed my off about Taiwan, i really though that with the shit money they pay you over here, that the price of this stuff would be cheaper! You live you learn eh!


Is there a rule on Right-Hand drive cars? I saw a used 95 Fiat Barchetta from the UK for sale.

I once thought about importing a Lada from Armenia. I have a thing for old Commie cars like Ladas and Zastavas. After doing the Google thing, i asked around and was more or less told the import duty would be twice the sale price, at least. After all was said and done, the car would have cost US2000, shipping about the same and the duty would have been about US5000. Not to mention the tagging, and the aforementioned emissions. I found the emissions thing the be a laugh. I see scooters puffing more white smoke than a whole list of papal successions, yet they are whining about a 10 year old car?


I am rather sure no rhd is allowed here.


Right Hand Drive cars are not allowed and cannot be registered in Taiwan. Why not buy locally? New car price is double that of USA but after 8 years of depreciation. Used cars in Taiwan and USA are more comparable. Supra is indeed a rare and collectible car. You can sell it for a good price in the U.S.A. and use the fund to buy another car in Taiwan. The hassle of importing and getting the Supra registered in Taiwan is not worth the hassle.


HI! You could refer to this website “”.
I hope to help you.


Hi, sorry to dig up an old thread, but did you ever make any headway with this dilemma?
I’m in the same situation re. my turbo E28 back in New England, and while it obviously can’t be imported straight up, is it perhaps possible to import a whole car as parts and then combine all the good bits with a car that’s already here?
Also, does anyone know if the 10yr limit applies to motorcycles as well?

Thank you everyone!


If you don’t get the paperwork done right, this is what will happen to your car.

A man in Taichung paid NT$7 million to import a car and blah, blah, blah…


All you need to do in Victoria is a burnout in your driveway and that will happen :confused:


Wow that cheerful music played over the destruction really lifted my spirits…

Well if anyone comes up with more info, depressing or not, posting it here will be appreciated.



Long time since I had an E28 M5 . you can import it , but not register it .
It is only really worth importing a car worth over 20,000 usd , otherwise it’s hard to make a profit. There are a few exceptions like a Nissan Leaf , but hard… no charging network here yet.
Each model and variant has difficulties with ARTC. Depends if you want to make a profit ,or at least not lose too much .
Not really worth having a very expensive car here , unless it’s a high priority.
Anyway , if you need advice on Importing PM me . I will advise if I can.


If you don’t pay the Import Tax and the Luxury Tax and ARTC test…and use it on the road …hey presto.You can Import it …but not use it if you don’t pay all the Taxes. I know of a few Supercars stuck in showrooms that are not allowed on the road, due to various paperwork issues …shame.
Rules are rules. Kind of get to know the rules after the first few thousand imports :grinning: