Importing auto paints from the US for personal use

Can my Taiwan based business tax ID# be used to import auto paint from the US for personal use?

The US based freight forwarder I’ve been dealing with is asking me to fill out an invoice for UPS with tax ID/VAT#s for a list of paint products I had shipped to them from half a dozen different sellers on eBay several months ago! There’s now way I’d be able to provide Tax ID#s from all the sellers. None of them were even willing to ship Internationally.

At this point I’ve spent a fortune over the forwarders initial shipping quote due to unforeseen “dangerous goods” filing and now this. I’m just trying to get this damn box of paints from the US to Taiwan. Has anybody had any experience with this? This has been dragging on for months now. I’ve imported entire axles and other large car parts in the past using my Taiwan business tax ID# Why wouldn’t this be the same? I sent the forwarder an email asking the same question. We’re obviously on a 12 hour time difference so I wont get an answer until tonight but I’m hoping for the best. UGH!