Importing food ( non-perishable )

What are the rules and reg’s for importing foodstuffs ( lucozade, irn bru, galaxy chocolate, bachelors cupasoups etc ) - found a couple of websites which provide ‘uk’ foodstuffs which i’d like to order from, only thing is don’t want to end up with an empty box cos the stuff gets confiscated at customs !

According to this website, these are the only things that are illegal to import into Taiwan:

Beverages, non-alcoholic
Coin collectors items
Gambling items
Lottery tickets and advertising
Ornamentals made of glass or pearl
Tobacco and tobacco products

But actually I think this list is a little out-dated because since Taiwan joined the WTO, I have seen lots of imported wine and juice. So the answer to your question is that it’s okay to import any food into Taiwan except asparagus, sugar, molasses, saccaharine, and tea.

By the way, sorry that I’m more than a month late answering your question. It’s because I wasn’t really looking for the answer, but today I just happen to come across this list, and then I remembered your question.

What do you mean by importing? Going into business? If for personal use, I recently posted lots of food from Italy and nothing was confiscated upon arrival at my PO BOX here. The package included: pastas, vinegars, cacao, biscuits, olives (tinned), dried porcini, spices, minestrone and sauces.

I will give you the name and number of a local European food importer named Philip Chen who says if you name any items from Europe, there’s a 90% chance he can get them for you. His contact is in Netherlands and he’s been in business for many years.

He has the most amazing buffalo mozzarella, btw, but you must order it before Thursdays as he receives shipments on Tuesdays. It cost NT $150 per water-packed package.

Tigerman, take note:

Philip Chen
P&P Food and Spices, Ltd.
No. 9-14 Jinmen Street

Call him before dropping in. He’s primarily a restaurant provider and this is not a shop, but more of a warehouse. Mr. Chen’s a very nice man, and speaks pretty good English and doesn’t seem to mind the occasional private consumer.
Take a look in his walk-in cooler and you’ll be amazed at the vegetables and cheeses!


Noted, with appreciation! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone had any experience using either of these sites - getting stuff shipped to Taiwan ?